Rogers One Number

No matter where your business takes you, stay connected to your team and customers with just one wireless number - across all your devices.

Rogers One Number service is a secure and professional way to manage all your business communication requirements. All you need is internet access and an eligible Rogers wireless account.

FREE to register for eligible Rogers wireless customers.1

One Business, One Number

One Business, One Number

Every business needs a consistent, professional image. With one number in use over multiple devices, your customers will always know you're calling ? no matter where you're calling from or which device you use.

Streamline Your Business

Take control of your communications with Rogers One Number.

Combine, not just phone numbers, but email, text messages and contact lists too. Manage them all in one place from your personalized Rogers One Number website.

Streamline Your Business
Seamlessly Move Calls Between Devices

Seamlessly Move Calls Between Devices

Ever lost an important call because of a low battery or had to end a call early because you needed to leave the office?

Keep your business running smoothly with Rogers One Number. Transfer any call from your mobile device to your computer or tablet (and vice versa).

FREE Canada-wide Calling

Manage your bill and reduce your costs. By using your computer or tablet as a phone, you can make FREE long distance calls, free text messages and free video calls to any Canadian number ? without using up your wireless minutes!2

FREE Canada-wide Calling
Never Miss an Important Call

Never Miss an Important Call

Never let an important call from a customer go unanswered again. With Rogers One Number, you can set up call forwarding to divert business calls to a team member.

Manage Your Contacts

Sync your contact list across all of your devices to keep those all-important contact details close at hand. That means, even if you lose your mobile phone, you still have access to your contacts from other devices using Rogers One Number from your computer or tablet.

Manage Your Contacts

How to get Rogers One Number?

Rogers One Number is included in most Rogers wireless plans.5 Best of all, Rogers wireless customers can register for FREE.

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One Business, One Number

Rogers One Number™ App for Smartphones

Talk, text, and stay connected with the all-new app.

What is Rogers One Number?
It's a new and easy way to connect with your team using your existing wireless number on your compatible iPhone or Android™ smartphone.

  • Talk and text, right from your iPhone or Android smartphone.
  • Use your existing Rogers wireless number.
  • Enjoy unlimited Canadian long distance calling from your iPhone or Android smartphone.1
  • Manage calls and text messages.

Download the app and enjoy all the benefits of Rogers One Number on your iPhone or Android smartphone today.

Download for your iPhone

Download for your Android smartphone


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Save with a Rogers One Number Long Distance Add-On

These optional long distance add-ons apply to long distance calls made on Rogers One Number (computer, tablet or regular phone connected to a phone adapter).

U.S. Long Distance Add-On3

Get unlimited U.S. calling from your computer, tablet or telephone adapter using the Rogers One Number service.


International Long Distance Add-On3

Get unlimited international calling to landlines* from your computer, tablet or telephone adapter with the Rogers One Number service.


How to get a Rogers One Number long distance add-on?

Call 1 877 331-9209

Call and Text From Your Computer and Save

Call Rates

  • Calls from your computer to any Canadian wireless number are FREE.2
  • Call the U.S. from your computer for only 5¢ per minute.
  • International calls will be charged pay-per-use IP rates. View international call rates
  • Without purchasing any long distance Add-Ons - The following rates apply when making calls using your PC.

    Country Calls Made to a Landline Number Calls Made to a Mobile Number

Text (SMS/MMS) Rates

  • Text messages from your computer to any Canadian wireless number are FREE.2
  • International text messages to any country, including the U.S., are 10¢ per message (plus taxes).
  • Incoming text messages will be charged as per your wireless plan and current pay-per-use rates (as applicable).

How to Get These Call and Text Rates

These rates are exclusive to Rogers wireless customers.1

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See Full Details (+)

Existing Rogers wireless postpaid subscription required. Available with use of the Rogers One Number web phone, tablet or smartphone app. Compatible computer or tablet with internet access required for web phone or tablet phone. Compatible smartphone with wireless data services required for smartphone app. Rogers One Number is not available with Rogers prepaid service or to business, corporate or government customers. The Rogers One Number service is intended for personal use only, based on a total of 44,640 minutes available in a 31-day month. Subject to the Rogers Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy available at See Rogers One Number Terms & Conditions available at for details.