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Stay connected while travelling in the U.S. through your Rogers wireless device.

If you are a frequent or occasional traveller, find the best ways to save through Rogers Travel Packs, Roaming Passes and Add-ons. Standard roaming rates in the U.S. are listed in the chart below:

Voice Text Internet Rate (24 hours)
$1.45/min $0.75/message $7.99/50MB

Taxes are extra

Tip: View the wireless coverage in the United States and Network frequency for your wireless device
Don't forget to bring your phone and charger and have a safe trip!


Make the world your boardroom with your mobile business device, wherever in the world you and your company may roam.
If you are a frequent or occasional traveller, find the best ways to save through Rogers Travel Packs, Roaming Passes and Add-ons.

View standard roaming rates and wireless coverage:

Before you leave follow these simple steps to help you get ready for your trip.

  1. From the drop-down menu below, check the wireless coverage in the destination you will be travelling to and find out the cost for using voice, text messaging, and data services.
  2. From the drop-down menu below, check the network frequency of the country you will be visiting and ensure that your phone is compatible with one of the network frequencies. Check the frequency for your wireless device.
  3. Check the electricity voltage of your destination and buy an adapter for your phone charger.
  4. Don't forget to bring your phone and charger and have a safe trip!


Say hello to worry-free roaming - introducing Rogers NEW exclusive U.S. daily roaming internet rate.

How it works

No need to sign up or subscribe – $7.99 is charged automatically upon your first byte of internet usage every 24 hours.
Browse like you would at home – Each time you're charged, you'll have access to 50 MB of internet usage. That is approximately twice as much as the typical customer would use domestically. With 50 MB you can view approximately 50 maps, 1,000 emails, or 250 web pages.
Travel with peace of mind - Rogers will send you a usage protection text message when you're approaching 50 MB each day (within 24 hours). If you decide to use more than 50 MB, you'll be charged another $7.99 (for access to another 50 MB).

US Roaming Internet Rate (24 Hour Duration)
Rate1,2 Data Bucket Size (MB) Effective Bucket Rate1
$7.99 50 $0.16/MB

Applicable Destinations

  1. United States (Including Alaska and Hawaii)
  2. Puerto Rico
  3. U.S. Virgin Islands

Looking to purchase a 1 month or 3 month roaming internet option instead? Click here to view our Talk, Text & Internet Travel Packs.

See Full Details (+)

Taxes extra

Subject to Rogers Terms of Service and Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Upon your first byte of usage you will be charged $7.99. This will provide you with 50 MB that is available to use for 24 hours. If usage exceeds 50 MB within the 24 hour period, an additional charge of $7.99 will apply for access to another 50 MB during the same 24 hour period. Additional charges of $7.99 will not extend that 24 hour period.
  2. The rate may not apply if you already have a roaming offer that includes data roaming on your account i.e. Travel Pack.

What is roaming?

Quite simply, “roaming” means you’re outside of Canada, off the Rogers network, and using your phone while connected to a roaming partner’s wireless network. Therefore, if you’re in the U.S. or Europe on business, and want to call back to the home office in Canada or call someone inside the country you’re in— you’ll be using a foreign network that has a roaming agreement with Rogers and will be charged voice, data or SMS roaming rates specific to that country/region.

As soon as you arrive in another country, you will receive a text message informing you of options to help you save while roaming.

How do I know when I’m roaming?

The top of your phone’s display gives the name of the carrier you’re using and shows your signal strength, just as it would if you were at home, connected to Rogers. Doing any of the following while outside of Canada will result in roaming charges:

  • Calling
  • Text messaging
  • Picture/video messaging
  • Data usage (such as email, IM, mobile browsing, etc.)

How do I purchase roaming offers?

For enterprise,
If you are an existing Rogers business customer, please call your Business Care Consultant for roaming offers; otherwise, please complete the contact us form and we’ll call you back.

For medium business,
You can talk and text for less while roaming with a Roaming Offer.  Text Travel to 7626 or visit www.rogers.com/business/on/en/smallbusiness/rogers/roaming/ for offer details.

What is Rogers roaming advantage?

When you travel internationally for business, it’s reassuring to know that you can use your phone to stay productive and connected to your office, home and local contacts. Voice and data plans designed for occasional and regular travellers ensure affordable and predictable monthly invoices; however, not all service providers offer the same international roaming experience. Because of our underlying network technology and our direct relationships with operators around the globe, Rogers offers the best service for Canada’s professional globetrotters.

Complete compatibility with international operators’ networks

In addition to our HSPA+ (4G) and HSPA (3G) networks, Rogers operates Canada’s only coast-to-coast GSM/EDGE (2G) network. Our native networks are built on GSM, the global standard deployed by all international operators with which we have roaming agreements. This provides you with complete compatibility and a seamless, lag-free transition when travelling from our network to that of a foreign operator, whether they have deployed 2G, 3G or 4G.

Direct roaming relationships, no third-party solutions

We have developed direct roaming relationships with more than 650 operator networks worldwide over a span of more than nine years. This process involved direct testing on each operator’s network. Other Canadian wireless carriers rely on the services of a third-party service provider—also called a broker—to enable their customers to roam.

Optimized customer experiences in each roaming destination

Brokers don’t always make the best decisions for the end user. Despite having launched roaming services with multiple networks in a given country, a broker may limit the networks available to the carrier using its solution. This reduces the broker’s costs; unfortunately, if your service is with that carrier, it may reduce your roaming capabilities or cause your device to freeze.

Because of our direct relationships with international operators, we ensure that you get the optimal roaming experience.

Get the Rogers roaming advantage

The choice is clear. For nearly a decade, we’ve been building the networks and relationships that ensure that our customers enjoy an unparalleled roaming experience.

For more detail on specific Rogers offers, please visit www.rogers.com/business/on/en/smallbusiness/rogers/roaming/

View country coverage map.
  Voice Rates per minute Text Messaging Rates Data Rates
GSM Operator Frequency ALL CALL TYPES
(Calls back to Canada/US, Incoming, In Country & Calls to International Destinations)
SMS Data Service Available Data Rate Data Minimum Volume Data Increment 3G Service Available LTE Service Available
  Voice Rates per minute Text Messaging Rates Data Rates
GSM Operator Frequency Calls back to
In Country
Calls to
International Destinations
SMS Data Service Available Data Rate Data Minimum Volume Data Increment 3G Service Available
  Frequency (MHz)3G Mode 
Phone / Wireless
AcerS100 (Acer Liquid E)XXXXXXXX
AcerLiquid mtXXXXXXXX
AppleiPhone 3G S XXXXXXXX
AppleiPhone 4 XXXXXXXX
AudiovoxSMT5600 XX X   X
Blackberry8220XXXX   X
Blackberry8320XXXX   X
Blackberry8820XXXX   X
Blackberry8900XXXX   X
Blackberry5810  X     X
Blackberry6210  XX    X
Blackberry6280 XX X   X
Blackberry6710  XX    X
Blackberry7100g XXXX   X
Blackberry7100R XXXX   X
Blackberry7130G XXXX   X
Blackberry7280 XX X   X
Blackberry7290 XXXX   X
Blackberry7780 XX X   X
Blackberry8100 XXXX   X
Blackberry8110 XXXX   X
Blackberry8120 XXXX   X
Blackberry8300 XXXX   X
Blackberry8310 XXXX   X
Blackberry8520 CurveXXXX   X
Blackberry8700 XXXX   X
Blackberry8800 XXXX   X
Blackberry9300 Curve XXXXXXXX
BlackberryPearl 9100 XXXXXXXX
Blackberry9700 BoldXXXXXXXX
Blackberry9780 BoldXXXXXXXX
Blackberry9800 TorchXXXXXXXX
Blackberry 9000 BoldXXXXXXXX
Doro PhoneEasy 410XX X X  
EricssonFixed Wireless TerminalXXXXXXX 
FireflyFirefly XX      
HandspringTreo 180 XX    X
HandspringTREO270  XX    X
HTC DiamondXXXX   X
LG1150 XX X   X
LG1400 XX X   X
LG1500 XX X   X
LG240 XXXX   X
LG4010 XX     X
LG4015 XX     X
LG500 XX X   X
LG510 PopXXX    X
LG9100 XX     X
LGNeon 2XXXX X  
LGShine TouchXXXX X X
LGTG800 XX X   X
MotorolaC256 XX     X
MotorolaC332 XX     X
MotorolaC333 XX     X
MotorolaC350 XX     X
MotorolaC370 XX     X
MotorolaC650 XXXX   X
MotorolaE1 XX X   X
MotorolaE8XXXX   X
MotorolaFlipoutXXXX X X
MotorolaK1XXXX   X
MotorolaK1 XXXX   X
MotorolaL2 XXXX   X
MotorolaL6 XXXX   X
MotorolaL7 XXXX   X
MotorolaM900BP XX      
MotorolaM900CP XX      
MotorolaP280  XXX   X
MotorolaP7382i  X     X
MotorolaQ9HR XXXX   X
MotorolaT193  X     X
MotorolaT720 XX     X
MotorolaV101  XXX    
MotorolaV120T  X      
MotorolaV180 XXXX   X
MotorolaV186 XXXX   X
MotorolaV190 XXXX   X
MotorolaV220 XXXX   X
MotorolaV3 XXXX   X
MotorolaV300 XXX    X
MotorolaV360 XX X   X
MotorolaV361 XX X   X
MotorolaV3i XXXX   X
MotorolaV3T XXXX   X
MotorolaV551 XXXX   X
MotorolaV60  XXX   X
MotorolaV600 XXXX   X
MotorolaV60T  X      
MotorolaV635 XXXX   X
MotorolaV66  XXX   X
MotorolaV70  X     X
MotorolaV9 "Razr2"XXXX X X
MotorolaVA76RXXXX   X
MotorolaW370 XX X   X
Nokia5130XXXX   X
Nokia5800XXXX X X
Nokia1100 XX      
Nokia2610 XX     X
Nokia3100 XX X   X
Nokia3120 XX X   X
Nokia3220 XX X   X
Nokia3220i XX X   X
Nokia3300 XX     X
Nokia3390b  X      
Nokia3555 XXXX   X
Nokia3560  X      
Nokia3590 XX     X
Nokia3595 XX     X
Nokia3600 XX     X
Nokia5300 XX X   X
Nokia5310 XX X   X
Nokia6010 XX     X
Nokia6061 XX     X
Nokia6080 XX X   X
Nokia6085 XXXX   X
Nokia6086 XXXX   X
Nokia6100  XXX   X
Nokia6101 XX X   X
Nokia6103 XX X   X
Nokia6133 XXXX   X
Nokia6160 XX X   X
Nokia6310i  XXX   X
Nokia6360  X      
Nokia6590i XX     X
Nokia6620 XX X   X
Nokia6682 XX X   X
Nokia6800 XX     X
Nokia6820 XX X   X
Nokia7010XXXX X X
Nokia7510RXXXX   X
Nokia8390  X     X
NokiaCS-18 (Rocket™ Stick) XXXXXXXX
NokiaE62 XXXX   X
NokiaE63XXXX X X
NokiaE71XXXX X X
NokiaN95 XXXX   X
NokiaN97 Mini XXXXXXXX
Nokia 2680 PAYGOXX     X
Nokia 6790 SurgeXXXX X X
NovatelMerlin X950DXXXXXXXX
NovatelOvation MC950DXXXX   X
OptionWireless GTMAXXX     X
PalmCentro XXXX   X
PalmOne Treo 600 XXXX   X
PalmPre 2XXXX X X
PalmTreo 650XXXX   X
PalmTreo 680XXXX   X
PalmTreo 750XXXX   X
PalmTungsten W XXX   X
PanasonicG51 XX     X
PanasonicGD88  XXX   X
PanasonicTX220  X      
PanasonicTX310  X      
PanasonicTX320  X      
PantechC3 XX X   X
SamsungA226XXXX   X
SamsungA256XXXX   X
SamsungA436 XXXX   X
SamsungA516 XXXX   X
SamsungA706 XXXX   X
SamsungA736 XXXX   X
SamsungA746XXXX   X
SamsungA746 XXXX   X
SamsungA766XXXX   X
SamsungA796 FlightXXXXXXXX
SamsungA836XXXX   X
SamsungA886 ForeverXXXX X X
SamsungB733 MessengerXXXX X X
SamsungC327 XXXX   X
SamsungC417 XXXX   X
SamsungCorby Plus XXXX   X
SamsungD606 XX X   X
SamsungD807 XXXX   X
SamsungE316 XX     X
SamsungF406XXXX   X
SamsungGalaxy 5 CaptivateXXXXXXXX
SamsungGalaxy TabXXXXXXXX
Samsungi616 XXXX   X
SamsungJ706XXXX   X
SamsungP207 XX X   X
SamsungRugby IIXXXX X X
SamsungS307 XX     X
SamsungS366XXXX   X
SamsungS8500XXXX X X
SamsungT336XXXX   X
SamsungT456XXXX   X
SamsungCorby TouchXXXX X X
SamsungT609 XXXX   X
SamsungX426 XX     X
SamsungX507 XXXX   X
SiemensC56 XX     X
SiemensC61 XX     X
SiemensM46  X     X
SiemensS40  XXX   X
SiemensSL56 XX     X
SiemensSX56  XX    X
Sierra WirelessAC50RXXXXXXXX
Sierra WirelessAC750 XXX   X
Sierra WirelessAC860XX     X
Sierra WirelessSierra 21 MB. Rocket™ StickXXXXXXXX
Sony EricssonC510AXXXX X X
Sony EricssonC905AXXXXXXXX
Sony EricssonGC82XX     X
Sony EricssonGC83XX X   X
Sony EricssonGC89XXXX   X
Sony EricssonJ300aXX     X
Sony EricssonK790XX X   X
Sony EricssonK850iXXXX   X
Sony EricssonMD400XXXXXXXX
Sony EricssonP800 XXX   X
Sony EricssonPC300XXXX   X
Sony EricssonS710aXX X   X
Sony EricssonT226XX     X
Sony EricssonT237XX     X
Sony EricssonT306XX X   X
Sony EricssonT39 XXX   X
Sony EricssonT616XX X   X
Sony EricssonT637XX X   X
Sony EricssonT68i XXX   X
Sony EricssonW200XX X   X
Sony EricssonW200aXX X   X
Sony EricssonW300iXXXX   X
Sony EricssonW350aXX X   X
Sony EricssonW580iXXXX   X
Sony EricssonW600iXXXX   X
Sony EricssonW705AXXXXXXXX
Sony EricssonW760AXXXXXXXX
Sony EricssonW800iXXXX   X
Sony EricssonW810iXXXX   X
Sony EricssonXperia X10aXXXXXXXX
Sony EricssonXperia X10 MiniXXXXXXXX
Sony EricssonVivaz ProXXXXXXXX
Sony EricssonZ310XX X   X
Sony EricssonZ500aXX X   X
Sony EricssonZ520aXXXX   X
Sony Ericsson K850iXXXXXXXX