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Connecting you to more of what you love

Enjoy connectivity that makes more possible. From Wi-Fi to wireless and everything in between, we keep you connected to the amazing people, places and experiences in your life.


Share more stories, more moments and more experiences with plans and solutions built for your connected life.

  • Worry-free data management

    Monitor your usage in real time, stream up to 3x more video1, and top up data anytime through MyRogers.

    Learn More
  • Our Network

    Powering possibilities for the most Canadians every day.

    Learn More
  • Roam Like HomeTM

    Your plan travels with you to over 125 destinations.2 Never miss a moment nor a loved one when you’re away.

    Learn More
  • Enjoy all the extras

    Exclusive access to VIP experiences with GamePlusTM3 and your first screen break repair at no additional cost with Premium Device ProtectionTM – all with your Share EverythingTM plan.4

    Learn More


More than ever, today’s connected homes need reliable Wi-Fi, personalized and flexible entertainment options, and a home phone to keep everyone in touch. Good thing we’ve got great bundles.

  • Guaranteed savings

    Get more value without compromising your family’s entertainment needs.

    Learn More
  • Speedtest

    Awarded Canada’s fastest internet four years in a row.6

    Learn More
  • Perfect-for-you packages

    Need just the basics, or way more than that? Go ahead and build your own bundle!

    Learn More

TV & Entertainment

Experience TV beyond just the TV screen: Watch episodes on-the-go from your phone, tablet or computer; get close to the action with brilliant 4K7; and catch up on today’s news at your own time. With Rogers, you get choice, flexibility and control.

  • Digital TV

    Personalize your entertainment experience with more packages and more ways to watch what you love.

    Learn More
  • Rogers Anyplace TVTM

    Stream live TV and catch up on shows from any device.8 Best part? It’s included with your TV package!

    Learn More
  • Channels, theme packs and more!

    Sports fan? Movie buff? Bored kids? We’ve got channels and theme packs to keep you entertained.

    Learn More


Always stay connected with fast, reliable internet and many unlimited usage plans. So everyone in your family can share, play and experience more online – worry-free.

  • Wi-Fi you can count on

    Powerful Wi-Fi throughout your home that can handle all your family’s favourite devices.

    Learn More
  • Unlimited usage options

    Stream, search, download and post as much and as often as you want!

    Learn More
  • Ookla® Speedtest® Award

    Awarded Canada's fastest internet four years in a row.10

    Learn More

Smart Home Monitoring

Automate your life and protect your family with a Smart Home Monitoring package.

  • Put your home at your fingertips

    Arm, disarm and monitor your home with the powerful, easy-to-use app or included Touchpad.5

    Learn More
  • Realize energy savings

    Save energy with a smart thermostat and light controls you can access from your phone or tablet.

    Learn More
  • Enjoy peace of mind

    Real-time 24/7 home monitoring by certified security professionals.

    Learn More

Home Phone

Our dependable home phone service keeps you connected with family and friends across town and around the world with an always-on number for the entire household.

  • Affordable long distance options

    Whether you want unlimited Canada or U.S. calling9, or even International minutes, pick the plan that’s right for your family.

    Learn More
  • Never miss a message

    Innovative Home & AwayTM Voicemail lets you receive voicemails in your email or text message inbox.

    Learn More
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