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Made for each other. Share Everything plan and iPhone 8.

Two iPhone 8 in Rose Gold

iPhone 8 introduces an all-new glass design. The world’s most popular camera, now even better. The smartest, most powerful chip ever in a Smart phone. Wireless charging that’s truly effortless. And augmented reality experiences never before possible. iPhone 8. A new generation of iPhone.

Special Edition

Introducing iPhone 8 (PRODUCT)RED Special Edition, in a stunning red glass finish. Each purchase contributes directly to the Global Fund to support HIV/AIDS programs. And brings us one step closer to an AIDS-free generation.

iPhone 8 Red front and rear views


An iPhone formed
from glass.

iPhone 8 front and rear views

All-glass Design

The most durable glass ever in a smartphone, front and back. A colour-matched, aerospace-grade aluminium band. New space grey, silver and gold finishes.

iPhone 8 in grey

Water- and Dust-Resistant

Precision-engineered to
resist water and dust.1

iPhone 8 is water proof

Wireless Charging

The glass back enables easy
wireless charging.2

iPhone 8 charging

Two Sizes

New 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch
retina HD displays.3

iPhone 8 comes in two sizes.

Retina HD Display

Retina HD.
Now with True Tone.

iPhone 8 with Retina HD Display

All-new Display

A Retina HD display that’s more beautiful than ever. With True Tone, a wide colour gamut and 3D Touch.

iPhone 8 showing a woman in an orange hat

True Tone

True Tone technology automatically adjusts white balance to match the light around you. For a better viewing experience in all kinds of environments.

iPhone 8 displaying Aesthetica magazine

Brilliant Colours

With a wide colour gamut and the best colour accuracy in the industry, everything on the screen looks more brilliant and vibrant.

Three Apple iPhone 8s showing images in different colours.

Wide Viewing Angles

Dual-domain pixels give you a great view of the screen from the almost any angle.

iPhone 8 in black


The world's most popular camera.
Even better.

Two iPhone 8s showing cameras

All-New Sensor

iPhone 8 features a more advanced 12MP camera. With a larger, faster sensor. A new colour filter. Deeper pixels. And optical image stabilization for photos and videos.

iPhone 8 in landscape mode showing a sunset

Portrait Mode

Portrait mode on iPhone 8 Plus gets even better. For sharper foregrounds and more naturally blurred backgrounds.

iPhone 8 in portrait mode

Portrait Lighting

Dual cameras and new facial landmarking create dramatic studio lighting effects in Portrait mode.4

iPhone 8 portrait contour lighting

Optical Zoom

The wide-angle and telephoto lenses on iPhone 8 Plus enable optical zoom, as well as digital zoom of up to 10x for photos and 6x for videos.

iPhone 8 with optical zoom

A11 Bionic

The most powerful and smartest 
chip ever in a smartphone.

iPhone 8 with Augmented reality icon

Faster CPU

Introducing A11 Bionic. With four efficiency core that are up to 70 percent faster than A10 Fusion. And two performance cores that are up to 25 percent faster.

iPhone 8 with A11 Bionic processor

Power Efficiency

A second-generation performance controller provides more power when you need it. While delivering the same great battery life.5

iPhone 8 with multiple apps open

Apple-designed GPU

The new Apple-designed three-core GPU is up to 30 percent faster than A10 Fusion.

iPhone 8 in landscape mode showing an animated still

Augmented Reality

A11 Bionic powers extraordinary augmented reality apps and games that will change the way you see the world.

iPhone 8 featuring Augmented Reality

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging for 
a wireless 

iPhone 8 charging screen

Wireless Charging

With no charging cable required, iPhone 8 is truly designed for the future of wireless.2

iPhone 8 with wireless charging

A Wireless World

Charge with wireless charging stations and mats in hotels, cafes and airports around the world.

iOS 11

A giant step
for iPhone.

iPhone 8 with iOS 11


iOS is the most advanced, intuitive and secure mobile operating system in the world. It’s designed to help you to get the most out of iPhone.

iPhone 8 screen

New with iOS 11

Get to apps in Messages with fewer taps. Let Siri be your personal DJ. And discover new music with friends in Apple Music.6

Three iPhone 8 displaying three different apps

Augmented Reality

Experience mind-blowing AR games and apps on the world's largest platform for the augmented reality.

iPhone 8 plays Augmented Reality games


Find the 
that's right for you.

Compare iPhones

Why Rogers?

Made for each other. Share Everything planTM and iPhone.


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