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Wireless Home Phone

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Wireless Home Phone

The Family Phone. Reborn

  • Affordable Includes 5 calling features.
    No Installation fees.
  • Easy Setup Keep your current number. No technician required. No extra wires.
  • Dependable 25 hours standby and 3 hours of talk time during a power outage.
Wireless Home Phone


Wireless Home Phone device.

Wireless Home Phone Hardware

One-time hardware cost of $39.99

A monthly Canada-wide calling plan

Includes: Enhanced Voicemail, Call Display, Call Forwarding1, Call Waiting, Conference Calling and Unlimited Canada-wide calling2

Share Everything Customer

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*Includes Unlimited
US Calling


Postpaid Wireless Customer

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Non-Rogers Wireless Customer

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Long Distance Options

Long distance calling is easy and so affordable with Wireless Home Phone.


5004India, China, Malaysia, South Korea, Singapore


2005UK, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland and More

Not interested in an add-on?

Check out our pay per use rates for long distance calling.

Calls made to a:

landline number:
mobile number:

Easy Set Up

3-step installation

  • 1 Plug the Wireless Home Phone device into a power outlet.

  • 2 Connect your corded or cordless telephone handset into the Wireless Home Phone device.

  • 3 Turn on the device and check for a strong signal strength.

How to get it

  • Find a store
  • 1 855 877-3896

Need help?