Canada’s largest and most reliable 5G network.

Committed to giving Canadians a mobile experience like no other.

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The Rogers 5G experience

Connect with confidence

Our reliable 5G network gives you faster speeds and fewer disruptions than LTE. Plus, stay connected in crowded areas with 5G+ coverage.

Investing for the future

We continue to enhance your network experience through our investments in infrastructure, partnerships, and innovations.

Connect in more places

As Canada’s largest 5G network, we cover over 31 million people in over 2,300 communities across the country.

Our fastest 5G+ network experience is here 

5G+ is changing the game with how quickly you connect, download and stream. Rogers 5G+ is available to almost 30% of the Canadian population, proudly offered in the greater Toronto area, Hamilton, Guelph, London, Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo, St. Catharine’s – Niagara, Oshawa, Kingston and more.

The 5G advantage

Reliable connectivity

Fewer disruptions and a consistent connection you can count on.

Fast mobile speeds

Experience 5G with speeds more than 3x faster than LTE and 5G+ with speeds 2x faster than 5G.

Seamless streaming

Enjoy high-definition video quality with less lag and buffering.

Connect in Crowds

Stay connected even in congested areas with 5G+ coverage.

What you need to get on the 5G/5G+ network

Get a 5G device

Explore our selection of 5G-ready devices.

Get a Rogers 5G mobile plan

We got you with plans that fit your needs.

Get on the Rogers 5G network

Providing 5G access to communities across Canada. Check out our 5G coverage map to find out which areas are covered!

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5G for business

Use 5G to adopt new technologies, gain efficiencies, and create cutting-edge solutions for your business.

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