Connecting you to a world of possibilities

With the power of 5G technology, the boldest new ideas of today – smart cities, fully automated cars, real-time robotics, truly connected homes, and so much more – will be fully realized.

What is 5G?

5G will be the most transformative technology since wireless services were introduced in 1985. It will revolutionize the way we live, work and experience the world around us. And as 5G networks evolve so will network capacity, response times, speed and reliability – offering an experience unlike anything we've seen before.


Unprecedented Speeds

5G will allow you to stream, download and upload massive quantities of data at unprecedented speeds.


Connections Everywhere

5G will support many more connections as the number of connected devices in our homes, businesses and communities grow.


Instant Responses

5G will bring us ultra-low latency, meaning less of a delay in sending and receiving data. Think real-time responses that will elevate experiences like gaming and make autonomous driving possible.

Where you can access 5G

Find out where 5G is available on our network coverage map.

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Stay connected with 5G

Learn how to get access to our 5G network and about the different ways you’ll be able to use 5G.


Our 5G partnerships

We’ve partnered with leading universities and tech companies to build a made in Canada 5G ecosystem. See how we are working with the brightest minds in Canada.


5G for business

Use 5G to adopt new technologies, gain efficiencies and drive innovation in your business.



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5G news

Stay up to date as we share our most exciting 5G initiatives.


Bringing 5G to BC

See how we’re investing in 5G to make more possible for the people and communities of British Columbia.


Getting to know 5G

Tech expert Mike Yawney shows us the extraordinary potential of 5G and the innovative ways it will be used to enhance our everyday lives.