The Rogers 5G Network is the largest 5G Network in Canada.

Rogers 5G

Canada’s Largest & Most Reliable 5G Network1

We have expanded our 5G network to more than 700 communities, reaching over 16 million Canadians and making the Rogers 5G network the largest in Canada.

What is 5G?

Fifth generation, or 5G, is the latest generation in wireless network technology that over time will deliver unprecedented speed, instant response times and fast, reliable connections, fundamentally changing how we live and work. As it evolves, 5G will offer new experiences and capabilities we can only imagine today with revolutionary speed and connectivity. 

From helping first responders save lives by providing them with their own fast, dedicated networks, to saving farmers time and money with wireless sensors that monitor soil conditions, to entertaining gamers with multi-player, lag-free gaming on the go – 5G will open up a world of possibilities.


Unprecedented Speeds

5G will be capable of peak data rates of up to 100X faster than 4G LTE – this means you can stream, download and upload large quantities of data at speeds like never before.


Greater network capacity

5G will support up to 10 million connections/km – 10X more capacity than 4G LTE. So our network will power the growing connectivity at home and across communities.


Instant Responses

5G will reduce response times to as low as 1 millisecond, or up to 10X lower than 4G LTE for ultra low latency, enabling experiences like multi-player cloud gaming on the go and autonomous driving.

Experience 5G today

Here’s what you need to get on the 5G network.

Get a 5G device to experience 5G

Get a 5G device

Explore our selection of 5G devices.

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Get a Rogers Infinite plan to experience 5G

Be on a Rogers Infinite plan

All Rogers Infinite plans have 5G future in mind with unlimited data starting at 10GB of max speed data, reduced speeds thereafter and no overage charges.2 Access our 5G network at no extra charge.

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Find a 5G-covered area to experience 5G

Get on Canada’s largest 5G network

Providing 5G access to over 700 communities across Canada, with the commitment to reach 1000 by year end.

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The future 5G experience

With Rogers investments in 5G infrastructure, partnerships and innovations, our 5G network will deliver our customers a mobile experience like no other. It will create jobs, shape industries and provide world-class connectivity to Canadians. You can look forward to ultra-fast speed, even greater data capacity and near-real-time responses on devices in the future.

5G will enhance cloud gaming

Cloud gaming

With next-gen speeds and connectivity, 5G will deliver smooth gaming experiences - so you’ll never miss a beat, even while taking your favourite premium games on the go.

5G will enable immersive sports and live events

Immersive experiences

With faster than ever response times and greater capacity, 5G will let you experience sports and live events in real-time on your devices like never before! Imagine an immersive experience where you can track players and live stats, plus use interactive features to keep you engaged in the game.

5G will enhance video calling

Video calling

With 5G’s fast, stable, and reliable connectivity and speed, video calling will be seamless, in high definition, so you’re connected with more of your loved ones at once and never miss the big moments.

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