Our 5G innovation partnerships

We’ve partnered with leading universities and tech organizations to build a made in Canada 5G ecosystem. In doing so, we’ve invested millions in the creation of 5G research facilities and the development of 5G applications. Here’s how we are investing to make more possible, today.

What do our partnerships bring?


Technological evolution

Our 5G network will be more than just a step up from 4G, it will bring billions of connections across Canada. Over time, the power of 5G technology will create even more possibilities - smart cities, fully automated cars, real-time robotics, truly connected homes, and so much more.


Stronger mobile infrastructure

We’ve invested over $30 billion in mobile infrastructure and almost $20 million in Canadian partnerships to research, develop, and commercialize 5G applications. Working with partners across industries, universities, and government, we continue to invest in new mobile innovations.


Building a 5G economy

Through 5G technology, we will help develop a workforce skilled in using 5G applications. Our investments can potentially contribute up to $40 billion annually to Canada’s economy by 2026 and create 250,000 jobs.