Rogers was the first to make 5G available to Canadians

Rogers 5G

Canada's largest 5G network1 on Canada’s most reliable network.2

We were first to make 5G available to Canadians on the country’s most reliable network. We continue to expand our coverage, laying a solid foundation for the future of 5G in Canada.

What is 5G?

Fifth generation, or 5G, is the latest generation in wireless technology. As the technology evolves, it will revolutionize the way we live. In the future, you’ll be able to enjoy stable, high definition video calling and smooth cloud gaming on-the-go, plus engage in immersive sports and entertainment experiences.


Unprecedented Speeds

5G will be capable of peak data rates of up to 20 Gbps3 – this means stream, download and upload large quantities of data at unprecedented speeds.


More Connections

5G will support up to 10 million connections per square km – this means more connections as connected devices in our homes, businesses and communities grow.


Instant Responses

5G will reduce response times to as low as 1 millisecond for ultra-low latency, meaning less delays to elevate experiences like gaming and make autonomous driving possible.

Experience 5G today

Here’s what you need to get on the 5G network.

Get a 5G-ready phone to experience 5G

Get a 5G-ready device

Explore our selection of 5G-ready devices. Take and share amazing photos with Samsung Galaxy S20 5G series and Galaxy Note20 5G series phones. Make high-quality video calls with the foldable Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and play music, browse the web longer on the fantastic battery life of LG Velvet and Motorola Edge+.

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Get a Rogers Infinite plan to experience 5G

Be on a Rogers Infinite plan

All Rogers Infinite plans have 5G future in mind with unlimited data4 and no overage charges. Access our 5G network at no extra charge until March 2021.

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Get on the country’s largest 5G network

We initially rolled out Canada’s first 5G network in Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. Today, it’s available in over 50 cities and continuing to expand across Canada!

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The future 5G experience

With Rogers investments in 5G infrastructure, partnerships and innovations, our 5G network will deliver our customers a mobile experience like no other. You can look forward to ultra-fast speed, real-time responses and greater data capacity on devices in the future.

5G will enhance cloud gaming

Cloud gaming

5G will be capable of fast speeds and instant response times to deliver smooth gaming experiences - so you’ll never miss a beat, even while taking your favourite premium games on the go.

5G will enable immersive sports and live events

Immersive experiences

With faster than ever response times and greater capacity, 5G will let you experience sports and live events real-time on your devices like never before! Imagine an immersive experience where you can track players, live stats, and use interactive features to keep you engaged in the game.

5G will enhance video calling

Video calling

With 5G’s fast, stable, and reliable connectivity and speed, video calling will be seamless, in high definition, so you’re connected with more of your loved ones at once and never miss the big moments.

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