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Boost productivity from the inside out

Why collaboration is essential for workplace productivity and how your business can do it better 

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Productivity is often measured at the end of a project, quarter, or year. This is the time many small business owners reflect on their KPIs and other measures to see where their teams excelled and where they can do better. Rarely included in this evaluation is the role of collaboration.

Unlike sales figures, project costs or customer reviews, collaboration can be harder to quantify. You might ask an employee in passing “how did that conference call go?” or “did you get in touch with the sales team from the road?” but what you might be overlooking is the essential role that collaboration plays in workplace productivity.

IDC Canada estimates that 73% of the Canadian labour force is now mobile, which means if you’re only keeping track of employee collaboration in passing hallway conversations, there are likely efficiencies to be found in your business. Here are a few key areas to consider when evaluating how your team collaborates and how you might identify opportunities for improvement.

How unified are your employees?

Think about where your employees spend most of their time, likely some work in the office while others work remotely or travel. But just because they are in different locations doesn’t mean they can’t work together and with your clients.

Rogers Unison unifies and coordinates communications between your employees. This includes simple but effective advantages such as an Auto Attendant that greets and directs callers to the most appropriate rep when employees are unavailable. To ensure client calls rout between team members until they’re answered, you can take advantage of Hunt Groups. Having the right tools like these can improve how your teams work together from anywhere.

Cloud-based communications

Your everyday processes are another important area to look for better collaboration resulting in productivity wins. Consider how your employees work together through email, sending or updated documents on the fly, managing meetings and building presentations together.

Now picture these processes being streamlined by real-time access to shared files without interruption and guaranteed uptime. Cloud-based communication and apps available through Rogers such as Microsoft 365 are quickly becoming must-have tools for businesses of any size to simplify everyday processes and free up time to get more done.

Knowledgeable professional support

A fresh perspective can often be a source for new ideas. But with access to a Rogers Business Specialist, you gain support that can help assess your business needs, provide set-up advice and identify opportunities for collaboration that you might not have realized otherwise. Need technical support or help with your account?  Our business works when you do: 24/7/365.

As more Canadian small businesses rely on mobile communications every day, the importance of a secure and reliable network that can seamlessly connect employees and clients to each other and their information stored in the cloud, businesses would be wise to choose the features and partner that meet their business needs now and as they grow.

To learn more about the collaborations tools that are right for you business, contact a Rogers Business Specialist.