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How faster internet speeds improve collaboration

Whether you’re working with colleagues or clients, more speed benefits everyone

A woman on a video call through her laptop holding up her tablet

Collaboration is an integral part of any small business and, these days, many collaborative activities take place online. The faster your internet connection, the smoother and easier your collaboration can be.

While speeds of 30 to 50 Mbps are perfect for businesses that rely primarily on email for collaboration, the more you and your team collaborate online or in the cloud – especially when juggling multiple accounts – the more important faster internet speeds, and knowing which speed you need, become.

More speed can enhance your company’s collaboration in three key areas.

1. Collaborating with your colleagues

Successful team collaboration is vital to any organization. Being able to share, discuss, edit, manage and track progress together – whether in an office or working remotely – boosts efficiency, improves turnaround time and facilitates easier communication and feedback. But slower speeds can make these tasks time-consuming and more challenging.

How faster internet speeds help: The more speed your team has at its disposal, the faster work can be completed and the more productive everyone can be. Real-time collaboration, communication, updates, problem solving and feedback via productivity suites – such as Microsoft 365 – become a snap, thereby streamlining processes, reducing wait times and eliminating potential delays.

2. Collaborating with clients

Whether it’s coordinating project plans, sharing feedback or embarking on a B2B joint-marketing initiative with a like-minded company, collaboration with your clients ensures everyone is aligned on goals and deliverables. Slower internet speeds can adversely affect these tasks which, in turn could increase the possibility of miscommunication or mismanaged expectations.

How faster internet speeds help: More speed opens the door to an array of options that improve client collaboration: smooth, stutter-free videoconferencing for presentations and strategy sessions; super-fast sharing of blueprints, images, video files and documents; and even the potential to implement “chatbots” to help with real-time language translation when communicating with foreign clients.

3. Collaborating with your suppliers

If you run a product-based business, it’s important to keep your supply chain moving. From finalizing project specs and designs to managing development and reducing your time to market (TTM), you and your suppliers need to collaborate frequently. But slower internet speeds could impact your collective ability to react quickly to market fluctuations, inventory needs and customer feedback.

How faster internet speeds help: Having a faster connection means you and your suppliers can collaborate in real time on your response to ebbs and flows in demand. Customer feedback and product adjustments can be communicated clearly, billing and payments processed quickly, and the supply chain kept moving seamlessly.

No matter how you collaborate or with whom, having faster internet speeds allows you and your team to do more – and to worry less about being slowed down on your road to success.

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