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Four new ways G Suite keeps your mobile data secure

G Suite announced increased protection against phishing attacks and other security threats that could impact your mobile data.

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If you are one of the 3 million organizations that rely on G Suite, you can take advantage of new security features that protect your sensitive files and emails. Here are four new ways G Suite keeps your mobile data and devices secure:

1. Confidential emails

Google recently introduced a confidential mode for Gmail. This feature gives emails an added layer of security—no matter the device. For example, senders can create expiration dates on emails. That way, recipients won’t be able to copy, forward or download attachments from the email after the expiration date. You can also require additional authentication via an SMS code or by using a phone number as a passcode, ensuring your company’s emails are opened only on recognized devices.

2. Increased protection against phishing attacks

In light of mobile phishing attempts rising by 85% annually, G Suite recently announced new protections against one of the most costly forms of phishing attacks, Business Email Compromise (BEC). In a BEC scam, a cybercriminal poses as one of your executives and asks a finance team member to make an urgent wire payment. According to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre, the average loss from a BEC attack is more than $100,000. With its new machine-learning capabilities, G Suite can quickly identify phishing emails, move them to your spam folder and warn you of risks. Google states that these protections allow Gmail to block 99.9%of BEC attempts.

3. Increased insight into security breaches and potential threats

G Suite now makes it easier for IT administrators to prevent and investigate breaches. According to Google, “analysts and admins will be able to run really advanced queries over many different data sources to identify the users who have been impacted by a breach and then investigate what exactly happened.” IT admins can use these tools to gain insights into threats that might impact your employees’ mobile devices. For example, they can delete malicious emails before employees open them and revoke access to suspicious files.

4. Greater control over who can access your files

Google Drive can now automatically ensure only authorized users are able view your content, including emails and calendar invites.

G Suite’s security tools are always evolving and improving. Staying on top of what’s available will help you gain deeper insights into your mobile environment and better protect your data.