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Get expert help for productivity-suite challenges

David Buckeridge, a technical specialist at Rogers, explains how his team can assist with setup, migration and more

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When businesses subscribe to Microsoft 365 through Rogers Business App Market, they can get complementary support from Rogers experts to help with installation and management of their new productivity suite. Rogers Business Forum talked to David Buckeridge, ESA Sr. Technical Specialist with Rogers Enterprise Technical Support Wireless, about common productivity-suite challenges that he and his team help customers solve.

Q: What are the applications included in the Office 365 productivity suite available from Rogers with select plans?

David Buckeridge: Office 365 is a suite of productivity tools from Microsoft, including Outlook, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, SharePoint, PowerPoint and more. 

Q: How do you help customers with set-up?

DB: First we determine the environment. We scope out what customers are currently working with and what they need – which types of services, any requirements we should know, how many mailboxes. It could be just one user or thousands of users. We can also help them migrate to Rogers from whatever platform they’re on, for a small fee.

“Sometimes, with complex solutions, customers reach a point where they realize they don’t know what to do.”

Q: What does email migration involve?

DB: We build the customer’s environment in the cloud, parallel with their existing one, and copy their files over. We walk them through the process, including how to communicate the changes to their users, and update dependencies like printers and mobile devices.

For larger companies with complex migration requirements – say, password synchronization, or they need people onsite to reconfigure the desktops – we offer fast-track migration, where Rogers becomes the project manager. We create a project plan and assign one of our engineers. This way, customers learn how to administer the cloud and apply customized features like password synchronization. If they prefer white-glove treatment, a representative goes onsite and does the reconfiguration.

“We can redefine the environment on the fly, to make sure the customer has the best solution in place.”

Q: What challenges might come up if customers do their own set-up?

DB: Some customers are quite knowledgeable and know exactly what they want. We encourage them to set up a demo and test the solutions with all of their applications and dependencies. If they don’t work, it’s better to resolve that now, before switching over, instead of firefighting later. Customers also need to be familiar with migration tools.

Sometimes, with complex solutions, customers reach a point where they realize they don’t know what to do. We can either escalate the issue to Microsoft on their behalf, or solve the problem ourselves. We can redefine the environment on the fly, to make sure the customer has the best solution in place – not just the one already purchased – and we train them on how to administer their own environments.

Q: When is support available?

DB: We provide ongoing support as part of our monthly commitment. Support is available from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Eastern time, and 24/7 for critical outages, like if the company email is down. Just give us a call at 1-866-727-2141.

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