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Remote work and business continuity planning: Lessons from 2020—and for the future

Here’s a look back at the best practices and solutions that made adapting to the pandemic restrictions possible. You’re sure to learn about something you haven’t implemented that could benefit your business as we move into the new year.

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If there was ever a curveball thrown at businesses, it was the pandemic restrictions of 2020. To adapt, businesses adopted new solutions, like curbside pickup and contactless payment, but many simply embraced technologies that were already available and that a lot of them were already using—just not to their full potential.

These technologies address two major concerns: remote work and business continuity planning. In other words, helping your employees stay productive while working from home, and preparing your systems to stay secure and online. Now that these technologies have been put to the test for the past nine months with stellar results, many businesses are wondering what all the pre-pandemic hesitation was about.

Chances are your business is one of these. But chances also are there’s a host of considerations, from best practices to solutions, you may not be aware of that could benefit your business as we move into 2021 and beyond. Check out the following posts to find out:

How to keep the lines of communication open during COVID-19 – Learn how turning to a mobile-first business phone solution can help your business manage change and prepare for the future.

Live event video: How to create a highly productive remote team – Learn why, even when remote work is the norm, companies that prioritize human connections by adopting tools like video conferencing are more likely to foster productivity.

Webinar: Maintaining business continuity during COVID-19 – Learn how business continuity planning involves leveraging your existing technology and implementing new tools so employees can work safely and effectively from home while maintaining your business’s standards of customer service and keeping your corporate data protected.

How businesses are innovating to serve customers and grow, now and in the future –Learn how, in this new normal of remote work, sales reps can still bring a personal touch to their meetings with customers despite all those meetings being over the internet.

How to work from home effectively – Working from home is nothing new to Canadians. It just suddenly became the norm for a lot more of them. Check out six tips that can help ensure your teams are making the most of remote work.

Engaging and motivating remote workers – Now that remote work has become the new normal for so many employees, managers have to find new ways to keep their teams engaged and motivated. Learn about six things they can do to bring people together even from a distance.

Tools that help remote teams work effectively and get business moving – There are plenty of tools to help teams collaborate no matter where they are. Check out a few tips and learn about a few tools you can use to help keep your team on track.

Remote collaboration apps are the new normal – Adoption of Microsoft 365 spiked with the lockdown restrictions. Find out why they’ll remain a major feature of the business landscape.

Help your team get the job done remotely with one solution – Microsoft 365 Business Voice adds calling to the existing chats and meetings features in Microsoft Teams. Find out how this simple addition can transform Microsoft 365 into your business’s all-in-one solution for remote work.

How to back up all your Microsoft 365 data safely and cost-effectively – Many businesses rely on Microsoft 365 now more than ever, making the data it generates more crucial than ever. But too many businesses wrongly assume their Microsoft 365 data is automatically protected. Learn why business continuity planning should include a new solution that helps ensure your Microsoft 365 data is backed up and retrievable.

Time to think outside the server room – With so many employees working from home, businesses with on-premises IT infrastructure equipment are putting more faith in that equipment at a time when it could be more vulnerable than ever. But there are alternatives. Learn what they are and how they’re crucial to proper business continuity planning.

Why your internet service is about more than staying online – Many of the new revenue streams businesses have either accelerated or created during the pandemic will be ones they continue to nurture post-pandemic. And these revenue streams rely on the internet. Find out what an internet solution built for businesses should look like.