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Essential questions to consider about your current internet service

Ask yourself the right questions to ensure your employees get the most from your business’s internet solution.

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One way to ensure your business is getting the most from your internet solution is by making sure your employees have what they need to succeed. If you’re not sure, ask yourself the following questions:

Is your internet connection something your employees need to worry about? 

It’s not uncommon for extreme weather or the occasional accident to take down a wired internet connection, which in turn can take your business offline. Imagine not being able to process payments, place orders or coordinate deliveries. An internet solution with an LTE wireless backup connection that automatically kicks in should your primary connection go down will help ensure your business stays online and your reputation stays intact.

Do you have a cybersecurity expert on your team?

Employee knowledge about cybersecurity varies from business to business, and the fact that cyberattacks are changing all the time can make it difficult for them to stay up to date. Malware attacks, for example, are often launched when an employee unknowingly clicks on a bad link as the result of a phishing scheme, which are becoming more sophisticated. But that doesn’t mean you need a team of security experts to protect your employees and systems. In addition to educating your employees about the dangers of phishing and other social engineering attacks, having an internet solution with built-in network-level security is like adding a team of cybersecurity experts in-house. Network-level security automatically blocks requests to malicious sites, eliminating the need for costly add-ons like firewalls. Updates should also happen automatically so your employees can stay focused on your business.

How much do your employees need to move around?

Not all business is conducted behind a desk. For employees who need to stay connected outside the meeting room, they need reliable, high-speed wireless access throughout the workplace. Does your internet provider offer an affordable, reliable Wi-Fi solution? Wi-Fi not only keeps your employees productive and collaborative in more dynamic ways, it can also provide insights about your customers if you’re in the retail sector, offering data like foot-traffic heat maps, for example. That’s why it’s also important for your Wi-Fi solution to secure your confidential information by keeping your company data and your guest data separate.

Does your team have the tools they need at their fingertips?

Access to a business specialist who understands your business and can make recommendations based on your employees’ needs can help set your team up to be their most productive. Their recommendations might include apps that enhance collaboration between team members or office-wide communications systems that connect your business internally as well as with your customers. The key is to choose an internet provider who not only offers these tools but who also has the expertise to tailor a solution that suits your business.