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Five Reasons the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro might be your next smartphone

What you need to know about the new device from HUAWEI 

Huawei Mate20 Pro

Reviews of the new HUAWEI Mate20 Pro are circulating the internet and the feature-packed smartphone, including camera functionality co-engineered by Leica, has more than one tech reviewer calling it one of the best smartphones you can get this year.

The Mate20 Pro brings multiple unique and impressive features like In-Screen Fingerprint Sensor, Wireless Reverse Charging, Leica Triple Camera, a massive battery with SuperCharge functionality and 3D Face Unlock. Finished with sleek design elements including a premium glass back, the Mate20 Pro fits nicely in your hand measuring 6.39 inches.

So what does this all mean for you and your business? We've consolidated the top reasons reviewers like GadgetMatch, Marques Brownlee and Engadget are buzzing about the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro and why you’ll want to check out this smartphone before you make your next mobile device upgrade. 

1. Perhaps the smartest smartphone camera

The Mate20 Pro takes the smartphone camera to the next level with the new Leica Ultra Wide Angle Lens. Behind the lens is the Matrix Camera system that has three intelligent sensors. You can set the magnification settings to shoot with an ultra-wide field of view or get deep into the details with the new macro feature. The Leica Ultra Wide Angle Lens doubles as a macro lens to focus on an object as close as 2.5 cm away. The Super Macro mode is enabled automatically when you take a close-up shot – so lean in!

2. Efficiency at your fingertips

Unlocking the Mate20 Pro works just the way you expect it to—place your finger on the on-screen prompt for authentication and the phone unlocks instantly. The prompt disappears as quickly as you lift your finger, removing even the smallest barriers to help you be more productive every day.

3. Bigger battery, faster charge with HUAWEI SuperCharge

There’s nothing worse than running out of power when you need it most. The larger battery of the Mate20 Pro doesn’t require a thicker body to work as long as you do. And with HUAWEI SuperCharge you can recharge up to 70 percent power in just 30 minutes, enough to check-in with your team before getting back online.

4. Power to share

The Mate20 Pro comes equipped with Wireless Reverse Charging so your phone can act as a power bank for other devices. Simply hold it against another device with wireless charging capability and you can start transferring power instantly.

5. LTE ready

As a premium business smartphone, the Mate20 Pro is equipped for a premium network experience, especially on the Rogers LTE and VoLTE network. Whether you’re exchanging files, downloading a video or just need crystal clear calling, the Mate20 Pro has the ability to push new boundaries and perform at the speed of your business.


Ready to elevate your business smartphone game? The futuristic features of the HUAWEI Mate20 Pro have some reviewers calling it the best smartphone of 2018. With the incredible Leica Triple Camera, outstanding battery life, plus two-way wireless charging, this device is sure to satisfy your needs and those of your customers. 

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