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Five ways data storage can make your business more competitive

Does your connected business have the speed, reliability and scalability to keep up with the pace of growth?

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Businesses of all sizes rely on their connected infrastructure now more than ever. This might include phones and computers inside the office, tablets and mobile devices outside the office, and cloud-based apps used by employees in the field.

Every business’s connected infrastructure may look a little different, comprised of their own unique mix of devices and applications, but one thing remains the same—the businesses that find ways to get the most out of their connected networks stand to gain a competitive advantage.

Why is storage important?

As more connected devices come online to facilitate nearly every aspect of business, storage is becoming even more important. Having the right storage ensures all the data your devices collect, access and transfer are available when and where you need it.

Here are five ways to optimize storage to get more from your connected infrastructure.

1. Start with a speedy connection

Data storage might sound like a static business solution but, when you consider how often that data is accessed by employees and transferred between teams, storage requires network reliability and speed.

An internet connection, like fibre internet, can be essential for gathering, uploading, downloading and transferring data at the speed of your business. And, as your business grows and your customers’ needs grow too, your team must be able to communicate quickly, over a fast network, with the confidence that their internet connection is reliable, private and scalable.  

2. Make storage costs more predictable

Consider the time and resources your business invests into IT. Now consider what you could accomplish by reinvesting the capital you would normally spend on digital storage security, maintenance and replacing aging equipment in favour of cost-predictability. With Cloud Services from Rogers, you’ll enable a comprehensive, cost-effective and secure IT solution that can help you outpace your competition.

Cloud Services convert physical infrastructure to virtual machines that can be created and taken down when you need them, eliminating capital expenditures in favour of a more affordable and predictable monthly or per-usage fee. With a variety of deployment models available, a Rogers expert can work with you to tailor the best solution for your needs.

3. A seamless customer experience 

The way a business stores its critical information can also impact the customer experience. Cloud technologies have enabled businesses to respond immediately to customer inquiries and deliver a seamless customer experience no matter who in the company they connect with, thanks to connected data sources.

When infrastructure, such as a customer database, is hosted in the cloud, employees aren’t limited to a specific location to be able to retrieve data. Instead, cloud storage systems remove these limitations by making crucial data available anywhere, anytime. In some cases, when customers can log in to self-service applications at the time and place that’s convenient for them, they’re more likely to be pleased with their customer experience.

4. Collaborate across your connected network

Your storage is not just a place to safeguard information, it should also be a conduit for collaboration. Cloud functions allow for multiple employees to access the same information at once, from various locations and across any of the connected devices in your network. This enables teams inside and outside the office to collaborate and make updates to shared documents in real time.

Paired with a cloud-based collaboration tool like Microsoft 365, your employees gain access to a suite of interconnected tools, that provide secure online file storage, access and collaboration functions from virtually anywhere.

5. Reassign your IT department

A big part of storage costs can be the strain on your IT department. If you could offload maintenance tasks like updates, patches and backups, you can free up your IT resources to focus on the aspects of your business that help you succeed, like innovating for the future.

Data Centre and Cloud storage gives you the reliable uptime and efficiency that your IT department requires, thus ensures your infrastructure is secure, protected and recoverable.

Our reliance on connected infrastructure for business is only going to increase. As more data is collected and used on a daily basis by businesses, the need to securely store this data is going to continue to accelerate with the increase in network capabilities and connected devices.  It’s no wonder leading businesses of all sizes are reviewing their current storage solutions and taking necessary steps to optimize their connected infrastructure now and for the future.

Take the first step to reviewing your storage possibilities, connect with a Rogers business representative.