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4 signs your business is ready to upgrade your mobile system

Woman taking notes on cell phone

No business is immune to experiencing growing pains. Whether it’s finding the right talent to fill key roles, meeting customer demands or ensuring their communications system is meeting their needs, businesses are always looking for smart ways to alleviate their pain points.

While not every issue has a simple solution, businesses looking to sort out their mobile ecosystem—the collection of devices and applications a company uses to communicate, including mobile, desk phones and computers—have options readily accessible. If any of these scenarios sound familiar, it may be time for you to upgrade your business communications system.

The problem: “My team is busy, and I worry we’ll miss customer calls.”

The solution:  Minimize customer wait times and ensure callers consistently reach someone live with Hunt Groups, a feature offered within Rogers UnisonTM. Incoming calls are routed between team members until they’re answered, meaning customers aren’t left on hold so they’re always able to reach the first available member.

The problem: “Customers spend more time than necessary trying to find the right person to speak with.”

The solution:  Provide your customers with a satisfying experience by helping them reach the right person in a timely manner. Rogers Unison’s Auto Attendant greets callers and directs them to the rep who can best address their needs. It’s a fully automated answering system that professionally greets and provides your customers with a satisfying experience, helping them reach the right person in a timely manner.

The problem: “Being mobile is great, but we have different kinds of workers; some only use a cell phone, whereas others prefer to have the convenience of a desk phone when they are at their desks.”

The solution: Let your staff use the devices they need to be the most productive. Because Rogers Unison operates in the cloud, it works regardless of what device a user wants: mobile, desk phone, laptop, tablet, PC or any combination of devices—without the need for multiple phone numbers. But, an employee can still have two numbers if needed: with Dual Persona, two numbers ring the same line, yet you only pay for one line. This function can help allay the transition fears of people who are used to having two numbers, and can be helpful in scenarios where a user wants to appear local in two separate area codes. With Simultaneous Ring directing calls to all of a user’s devices at the same time, no one will miss a call just because they stepped away from their desk for a moment.

The problem: “When meetings go long, or I’m running late, I’m often caught using the wrong device—I’m stuck at my desk phone when I need to drive to another meeting or I’m on my mobile and would prefer to continue at my desk. It’s awkward to interrupt the flow of a call to switch devices.”

The solution: Keep users connected to a call while switching devices without interruption with Call Pull. This feature within Rogers Unison offers an easy and seamless way for users to transition a call between a desk phone, a smart phone or any other connected device.

To learn more about updating or optimizing your business communication system, speak to an expert.