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How to set up and use Face ID on iPhone X

Technology - Jan. 17, 2018

How to set up and use Face ID on iPhone X

Unlock your phone, sign into apps and more with just a glance

Apple's Face ID is a revolutionary new facial-recognition system that saves valuable time while providing airtight biometric security. It can make your life – and your work – a lot simpler. But first you need to get set up to use it. Here’s how.

How to set up Face ID

1. Start by tapping Settings, then Face ID & Passcode. Enter your password if required.

2. Tap Set Up Face ID, then Get Started.

3. Hold your phone roughly 50 centimetres away (an arm's length or less), with the TrueDepth camera pointing toward you. Ensure your face is in the frame, then look directly into the camera. Rotate your face in a circle, then tap "Continue." Repeat the process as instructed.

4. Once Face ID setup is complete, you'll be prompted to tap Done. Your phone is now configured for Face ID.

How to use Face ID to unlock your iPhone X

1. Wake up your phone by tapping the screen or raising the device.

2. Glance at the TrueDepth camera.

3. When the lock icon at the top of the screen opens, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to unlock your phone.

How to use Face ID to sign in to apps

1. Tap Settings, then Face ID & Passcode, then Other Apps. From here you can select which apps should use Face ID for signing in.

2. When signing in to an app using Face ID, tap Sign In as you normally would if using a username and password.

3. Glance at your phone. The app should unlock and open. Note that in some cases you may also need to use your username and password.

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