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How women can pack peace of mind on their next business trip

Technology - Mar. 29, 2018

How women can pack peace of mind on their next business trip

Tech to help you stay safe while traveling

Travel is a fact of life for countless entrepreneurs and small-business owners. If you’re a woman, however, it’s not just airport waits and jet lag that can cause stress. Many women worry about other hazards, especially personal safety. How can you move around foreign cities, connect with others and stay secure? Here are five tech tools to make your next business trip a safe one.

Maiden Voyage

During a lonely business trip, the founder of this networking platform for female professionals was inspired to connect traveling women who have time to spare. Maiden Voyage helps women take advantage of their down time in the world’s most exciting cities, connecting them to future friends and colleagues in 80 countries worldwide. Launched in 2008, this innovative service also offers certified recommendations for “Female Friendly Hotels,” travel tips from global ambassadors and eLearning courses about female-traveler safety.


If you’re traveling to a new place where you don’t know a soul, this women-only social-networking app (for iOS and Android) can help you find your “good vibe tribe” – anytime, anywhere. You can join local groups or “circles” (think: vegan foodies or sunset runners); find new friends, support and career opportunities while you travel; and access great city-based dining and entertainment recommendations.


This free app (for iOS and Android) offers invaluable personal-safety features, including Follow Me Live GPS tracking; automatic alerts sent to “guardian” friends and family if you don’t check in within a specified time period; and even fake phone calls (sent to your device) to help you excuse yourself from uncomfortable situations. In the case of an actual emergency, bSafe can also record audio and video when activated.

A portable charger

There’s nothing worse than the anxiety of standing on an unfamiliar street at night in an unfamiliar city, with a dwindling phone battery and no way to catch a taxi or find your hotel on a map – let alone answer an urgent email from your boss. Avoid this frustrating and potentially dangerous scenario by bringing along a portable charger, so you can power up your device whenever the need arises.

A flat-rate roaming plan

When you’re traveling, you want to make sure you can always talk, text and email as much as you need to, whether it’s to make an emergency phone call, send files to colleagues or order a cab to the airport. A flat-rate roaming plan provides the peace of mind you need, allowing you to use your device just like you do at home for a flat per-day rate (in eligible destinations). Before your next trip, check with your wireless service provider to see what options are available to you.