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Leave your desk phone behind with Rogers Unison

How to save money and improve your communication processes by going fully mobile

Man on cell phone looking at laptop

The desk phone was once vital to small businesses . It was how prospective and existing customers contacted you and the how your teams stayed in touch and on top of things.

These days, more and more small businesses have staff who spend most of their time outside the office, and now it’s their mobile phone that keeps them informed and connected.  Thanks to Rogers Unison,  many of the features and advantages of a traditional desk phone are now in the cloud— so these companies can hang up their office phones for good.

Here are a couple of examples that illustrate how Rogers Unison can improve your communication processes and even save you money.

Scenario 1: Landing the big fish

You’re eagerly awaiting a call from someone who could become your company’s biggest client, but in the meantime you need to keep servicing your current accounts. You have a meeting in the morning and a client call in the afternoon. You can’t put your business on hold while you wait for them to get back you, but you’re worried your busy schedule might make you miss that key call.

Or at least you would be if you didn’t have Rogers Unison.

With Rogers Unison, your mobile phone does double duty as a desk phone. When that big fish finally dials your company’s main number, he or she will be greeted by a professional-sounding auto attendant who will instantly route the call to your mobile. Your client won’t even know you’re not in the office.

But what if you’re unavailable when the call finally comes? No problem. Special “hunt groups” that you create will automatically direct the call to your partners and team members – either in priority sequence or all at once until someone picks up. Your game-changing client won’t be stuck sitting on hold, and they won’t need to leave a message.

Scenario 2: Keeping your sales team in the field

Your sales team is more effective when they're talking to customers and finding business than when they are sitting in an office, but a desk phone is just one more reason for them to remain planted in their seats rather than heading out on sales calls.

Companies with Rogers Unison sever the cord tying them to the office by giving their team’s mobile phones all the most important features of a desk phone. Your staff won’t have to download any special apps or use up data to make calls to make it work, and they won’t need to set up call forwarding when they leave the office. Whenever a prospect calls the main number and dials an extension, the appropriate team member’s mobile will ring instantly.

There are other advantages, too. Your team will have easier access to office voicemail and can even receive messages as audio files via email, should they choose. And if you’re trying to expand in a city with a different area code, you can secure a local number that will ring directly to your sales teams’ mobiles, letting them win business from almost anywhere – in another town or even another province – while creating the impression they might be in a building just down the street.

All this, and you’ll save money, too – up to 40%*. With Rogers Unison there are no desk phones to buy or rent and no need to pay for multiple landlines. It could hardly be easier.

See how Rogers can help your business today. 

*Savings are based on comparing the Rogers Unison monthly fee against the basic business line monthly fee of other major service providers across Canada.