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Live Event video: How to connect with your customers in a digital world

To survive the current economic upheavals and emerge stronger than before, businesses will have to embrace change, which includes adopting new digital solutions. This is certainly true of how you engage with your customers when you sell to them, deliver services and provide ongoing support. New regulations and social distancing have made the old modes of interaction impossible for many businesses, and most have had to innovate rapidly. And while difficult, these changes are also opening exciting new opportunities.

Recently, Bruce Parker, Chief Sales Officer, Deloitte Canada, joined Dennis Stevens from Rogers to discuss how businesses can strengthen customer connections with the help of new strategies and new technology. Parker shares key trends that Deloitte has observed as well as approaches and tools that his organization adopted as teams shifted to remote work. He also shares a recovery framework for small-to-mid-sized organizations and some best practices to help ensure that businesses like yours emerge from the current situation with even stronger customer relationships.

To catch the full conversation about connecting with customers digitally, watch the video.