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Roaming dilemmas: solved!

How a flat-rate roaming plan can solve common business-travel problems

As a small-business owner, you might sometimes have to travel outside Canada for business. Being able to use your mobile device just like you do at home—for calls, emails, videoconferences, sending and receiving files, etc.—is important while you’re roaming.

Your best bet is to sign up for a flat-rate roaming plan, which takes the stress out of using your device while you’re away. Here’s how such a  plan can solve some common roaming dilemmas.

Problem: Frank runs a small gourmet-grocery chain and often travels overseas to source new products. While away, he uses his smartphone to keep his team updated, but is always worried about coming home to a huge roaming bill.

Solution: A flat-rate roaming plan works just the way it sounds: you pay a daily flat rate (usually between $7 and $12 per day, depending on the destination) for unlimited talk and text to Canadian numbers and local numbers wherever you are (e.g., if you’re in Paris and call a Paris phone number).

Plus, a flat-rate plan lets you access the data on your existing wireless plan, so you’re not paying for an additional bucket of roaming data while you travel. With a flat-rate roaming plan in place, Frank can use his smartphone to call, email, send files or photos, video chat and connect with his colleagues back home, all while knowing exactly how much he’ll pay to do so.

Problem: While attending a trade show in Chicago, Vivian books several important meetings with potential new clients and needs to extend her stay by a few days. But she’s not sure how this will impact her roaming charges and she doesn’t want to rack up excessive pay-per-use fees. 

Solution: With a flat-rate roaming plan, you don’t need to worry (and neither would Vivian). A flat-rate plan only charges a per-day rate for each 24-hour period you use your device—and it automatically renews itself as you go. If your business travel keeps you away from home longer than expected, no problem: there’s no need to purchase an additional travel pack or contact your wireless provider because the flat-rate plan is already in place and ready when you need it. With a flat-rate roaming plan, you’re also only charged the per-day rate for a maximum of 15 days per billing period; after that, your roaming (for the remainder of that billing period) is free.

Problem: Event-planner Oliver travels to various destinations around the world multiple times per year and doesn’t want to have to keep buying new wireless travel packs each time he leaves Canada.

Solution: Luckily, a flat-rate roaming plan couldn’t be easier or more hassle-free for business travelers. Here’s why: a flat-rate plan requires signing up once—and that’s it. Once the flat-rate roaming plan has been added to your existing wireless account, you’re set. It covers all future travel and automatically kicks in the first time you use your device in an eligible destination, whether in the U.S. or internationally. There’s no need to pay for multiple travel packs or scramble to upgrade your account before you leave. Instead, the only thing you, and Oliver, need to worry about is getting the job done.

With Roam Like HomeTM from Rogers, you can work easily and effectively on the go in over 125 worldwide international destinations, without worrying about breaking the bank.