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Selling business-grade internet to the C-suite

How to get buy-in from senior management to upgrade to Rogers Business InternetTM

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As you know, there’s hardly a business these days that doesn’t use digital tools like webpages, email and mobile apps every day; in fact, their productivity, brand reputation and bottom line depend on how well their internet allows these functions to work unhindered 24/7.

But as you also know, far too many businesses continue to rely on internet services that are essentially consumer-grade products. One reason is the lack of affordable, truly business-grade internet services, like Rogers Business Internet, which includes several built-in features that can mean the difference between gained or lost revenue and loyal or disenchanted customers. But another reason may be the challenge in convincing financial decision-makers that upgrading to a new internet service is actually a prudent investment.

To help you make the case for Rogers Business Internet to your senior leadership, here are a few tips:

Explain what challenges you aim to overcome

C-suite executives will be more likely to back your proposal if you focus on how it will fix a significant problem or prevent one from developing. Share key statistics (like those mentioned below), giving your recommendation more of a rhetorical punch that communicates the very real risks of not having a more reliable and secure internet service.

Explain how it will impact the bottom line

Senior executives are focused on expenses, revenue, and growth, which add up to profitability. Make sure you can explain how Rogers Business Internet can help prevent downtime, thereby reducing the risk of lost revenue and a damaged brand reputation.

To support the above approaches, go into detail about the key differentiators of Rogers Business Internet, citing the main features and why they’re important:

LTE wireless backup

Dependable internet connectivity is crucial for day-to-day operations and for future growth, especially for businesses managing dispersed operations or workforces. Any outage that stops the lifeblood of your business is expensive, both in terms of lost productivity and lost revenue. In fact, a recent Statista study found server downtime costs businesses $301,000-400,000 U.S. per hour for 25% of respondents. Such average hourly losses increase with company growth.

A truly business-grade internet service should therefore include a backup connection, such as the backup LTE connection Rogers Business Internet—ProTM comes with. If your primary wired internet connection is severed by construction, weather, traffic or other events, LTE backup automatically takes over to maintain business continuity. This will help ensure staff, wherever they are in your workplace, remain productive and that neither revenue nor customer trust are undermined. Your main line will be repaired in four hours or less*.

Network-level security

Internet downtime isn’t always the result of something inadvertent; security breaches can grind your business to a halt, too. Various malware, including ransomware, are often launched when an employee falls victim to a phishing scheme, clicking on a link in a seemingly innocuous email that leads to a malicious website.

Recent research by Marsh and Microsoft shows 79% of respondents see cybersecurity as a primary business concern—up 17% from 2017. Rogers Business Internet helps block requests to malicious websites that launch malware attacks, meaning to stop such attacks, you don’t need expensive, manually updated security peripherals that come separately from your business internet solution.

Business-grade customer support

As you build your pitch for Rogers Business Internet, don’t forget about the customer service it provides. This includes access to business specialists who are trained to support corporate customers in selecting and setting up solutions that can optimize various telecommunications aspects of their operations. These specialists provide advice on everything from improving company-wide collaboration to boosting security for mobile workers—and all of this is on top of the 24/7 support you’ll get from technical experts.

Now it’s time to book that meeting. Once you’ve got approval, connect with a Rogers representative to make your Rogers Business Internet purchase.


*4-hour timeframes vary by region.