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Four ways Rogers Unison can benefit your business

Conduct business on the go, stay connected with your customers, and more

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As the mobile workplace becomes increasingly common for Canadian businesses, so too does the need for a communication solution that gives business owners and their teams the freedom and flexibility to get the job done wherever they are. Enter Rogers Unison, which allows you and your team members to remain connected – to your customers and each other – no matter where your jobs take you. 

Now you can enjoy many of the features of a traditional desk-phone system delivered right to your smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. This keeps the tools you and your team members need at your fingertips, where they should be.

Plus, it delivers several key benefits that can help keep your business humming.

1. It can help improve each customer's experience.

Face it, no one likes to wind up in an automated-menu loop when they try to call a business with a question, concern or compliment. With Auto-Attendant from Rogers Unison acting as your virtual receptionist, you provide callers with a professional, responsive welcome each time they dial your number. Since incoming calls are then directed to you or your team members, customers will also spend less time waiting on the line and more time speaking to someone who can address their needs.

2. It lets you take your work on the go, wherever you are.

With Rogers Unison and its handy features, you and your team members are always reachable. With the Hunt Groups feature, you can route incoming calls from team member to team member until someone answers, while Simultaneous Ring directs calls to multiple devices at the same time. Both ensure that your customers’ calls are always answered and they can get the assistance they need when they need it.

3. It keeps you connected.

Working outside your usual area code in Canada? With Dual Persona, you can adopt a phone number with a different area code than the one you normally use, allowing you to appear local to callers in other regions across the country within the Rogers wireless network. Plus, Dual Persona lets you use your old landline number and your mobile number on the same device, so you don’t need to update your contact information with your clients.

If you’re in the middle of something and can’t check your messages, the Voicemail to Email feature automatically converts your voicemail messages into .wav files and sends them to you via email. That way, you can check messages at your convenience and keep your business moving without having to worry about taking a call at an inopportune time.

4. It saves you money.

Why continue to pay for your business’s landlines and desk phones if most of your business can now be done via your mobile devices? Now you can embrace the mobile-office concept, cut out that additional expense and improve your bottom line. Plus, you can save over 40%* when you add Rogers Unison to your business wireless plan. Still like a desk phone? Rogers Unison lets you have one number that rings whatever device you need at the time: a smartphone, a tablet, a desk phone or even a laptop.

To learn more about Rogers Unison and how it can benefit your business, visit


*Savings apply to business plan customers and are based on comparing the Rogers Unison monthly fee against the basic business line monthly fee of other major service providers across Canada.