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Get to know Rogers Unison

Get the best features of your desk phone on any device you want

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Staying connected is key for any small-business owner and being reachable by your current or prospective customers—whether at your desk or off site—is a must. So, what if you could harness the features of a typical desk phone and have them available, wherever your business takes you, on the device of your choice? Thanks to Rogers Unison, you can do just that.

Rogers Unison solves telephone needs with the cloud. You eliminate the need for fixed desk-phone infrastructure, and move to an agile, and simpler-to-use option that ensures your colleagues, customers and clients can always reach you or members of your team, no matter where you are. And unlike other solutions in the market, there is no separate Web app to set up and manage. Unison runs on your existing Rogers mobile network and therefore doesn’t use up mobile data, saving you money.

Plus, you can save over 40%* when you add Rogers Unison to your Share Everything for business plan, allowing you to take advantage of all kinds of powerful features, including:


An automated answering system that acts as your virtual receptionist, directing incoming calls where they need to go.

Hunt Groups

With Hunt Groups, your company’s incoming calls are routed from team member to team member until someone picks up. That way, your callers are never put on hold or sent to voicemail – they’ll always be able to get someone from your business live on the line.

Dual Persona

This feature allows you to keep your old landline number, and use it plus your mobile number on the same device. As well, with Dual Persona you can adopt a number with a different area code than the one you use for your office – anywhere within the Rogers wireless network. That way, you can appear local to callers in more than one area in Canada.

Simultaneous Ring

As its name suggests, this feature directs incoming calls to multiple devices at the same time, so that your customers can always reach you or someone on your team.

Voicemail to Email

With this feature, voicemail messages are automatically converted to a .wav file and emailed to you, so you can listen to them on any device and archive them for future reference. No need to take or make a call in the middle of a meeting or when you’re in a busy location. Instead, seamlessly keep your business moving with a few taps.

By harnessing the power of Rogers Unison, you and your team can save money on your business line, react faster to new business requests and be more responsive to your existing customers.

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