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How to drive growth and improve employee productivity with a nuanced mobile strategy

Combine your Rogers products with the right tools and services to increase connectivity and maximize productivity

A man and woman walking up stairs, holding their phones and conversing

It's a given that both managers and employees use mobile devices to do their jobs every day, but you might be surprised at just how important smartphones and tablets are to modern workers.

Nearly 80 percent of senior IT and business leaders say their employees can't perform effectively without a mobile device, according to an Oxford Economics study commissioned by Samsung for its annual State of Enterprise Mobility report. The same study found more than three quarters of respondents believe mobile devices are key to customer satisfaction, and 70 percent think phones and tablets play an important role in revenue growth.

Meanwhile, a separate report from Deloitte Insights conducted with a similar group of executives found that 44 percent believe face-to-face meetings will decrease in coming years while more than two-thirds think workers will inevitably spend more time on collaboration platforms and work-based social media.

In other words, phones, tablets, and the tools we run on them are essentially indispensable in a connected workforce, regardless of industry or the size of your business. They facilitate virtual meetings with remote workers and clients, create new opportunities for collaboration, and ensure we can reach out and be reached no matter where we are.

Rogers business customers are already on the right track with powerful devices, constant connectivity, and cost-effective plans that  offer features such as Roam Like Home, which allows workers to communicate with one another from almost anywhere in the world as much as they need for only a few dollars per day.

But you can leverage additional mobile platforms and services to continue growing and help your teams be more productive.

For example, paired with increasingly ubiquitous productivity platforms such as Microsoft 365, smartphones and tablets can become go-anywhere workstations, allowing staff to view, compose, edit, share, and collaborate on proposals, presentations, and spreadsheets. This gives your teams potential to get more done in less time, satisfy client needs faster, and take care of billing and payment before workers even leave a job site. With the right tools, nearly anything you do at your desk can be done while you're on the go.

A different type of advantage can be realized via Rogers Unison, a phone system that makes employees even more effective while on the move. Mobile features like Dual Persona, which consolidates multiple numbers to a single line, and Call Pull, which lets you transfer current calls between devices without interruption, serve not only to make your staff more efficient, but also to improve the customer experience. Properly equipped with smart devices, plans, and services, your company's employees can interact with and execute deliverables for customers anywhere in the country with the same speed and quality of service as someone local.

A smart and nuanced mobility strategy doesn't end once you've issued devices to your employees. By combining your fleet of handsets with the right features, tools and services you can transform workflows and empower your teams to be more productive – a vital requirement for sustainable growth in any company.