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Four quick tips for staying connected while on the road

How to work from anywhere with your wireless device.

A man in an airport using his phone

As a small business owner, you sometimes have to travel to out-of-town meetings, events, trade shows and conferences. While away, it’s important that you’re still available for any opportunity that might arise, and to stay connected with your clients and colleagues back at the office or store. This means always having your smartphone at the ready.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your wireless device when you’re on the road.

1. Sign up for a worry-free roaming plan

If business travel takes you out of the country, you’ll incur roaming charges on any calls you make or data you use, and you’ll pay for each text you send. You can avoid these charges by purchasing a wireless plan that includes worry-free roaming

You’ll be able to use the same data, unlimited calling and messaging from your existing wireless plan, all for a flat fee per day while roaming in an eligible destination. Use your wireless device just as you would at home, and continue to get work done without having to stress about getting a costly wireless bill once your travels are over.

2. Reduce the need to recharge

There’s nothing worse than having your device run out of power on your way to meet a new client or in the middle of an important task. Here are five quick tips for prolonging your mobile’s battery charge:

  1. Enable auto-brightness on your smartphone’s screen so it automatically dims in bright environments (or, simply dim the brightness manually)
  2. Disable WiFi and Bluetooth until you need them
  3. Disable push notifications
  4. Disable location tracking
  5. Close any unnecessary apps that run in the background

3. Invest in protection

It's easy to just toss your smartphone into your pocket or messenger bag when you're travelling, but that's also how your device can wind up scratched, cracked or worse. Rather than put your work in jeopardy, invest in a protective case , screen protector or shell to keep your device safe while you're on the go.

Better yet, consider getting a device protection plan, which picks up where your warranty leaves off and protects you against cracked screens, water damage, theft and other common perils.

4. Avoid free WiFi

Protecting your company's confidential data from (possible) prying eyes is paramount for any business owner. Unfortunately, using free WiFi networks in hotels, coffee shops or airports can be risky, especially if they don’t require a password or authentication to log in.

When it comes to business-related tasks with confidential information such as online banking, payroll and email, you can’t risk using an unsecured network that could expose your sensitive data to third parties. Wait until you have access to a secure network, or use your device’s data plan to get that type of work done.

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