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Three ways to better manage data usage

How to save money and time while helping your employees do more while on the move

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Business is mobile. Whether you have contractors on work sites, a sales team in the field or representatives serving clients locally and abroad, more work gets done away from the office than ever before. Staying connected while on the move is essential.

You want to empower staff to make effective use of both their time and data. They shouldn't be concerned whether checking email, downloading important files, or accessing key applications will result in data overages. There are ways companies can use mobile data more efficiently while also cutting time spent tracking usage.

Here are three ways you can stay on top of data while still empowering your employees.

Pool employee data

Pooling isn’t new. But in an age of expensive, all you-can-eat plans, it pays to consider packages that have the right fit (and cost) for each employee—as opposed to large, one-size-fits all options.

Pooling a shared data plan, where all users continue to use a variety of devices with varying plans, but all draw from the same pool, helps ensure that an outlier month doesn’t mean a financial headache. Heavier users can borrow from lighter users as needed, keeping you covered for unexpected spikes, without having to overspend on oversized plans for all.

Meanwhile, you, as manager, can get a good sense of the entire company's data usage at a glance rather than analyzing the habits of individual users.

Feel at home, abroad

You want your workers to feel comfortable while working abroad. They should be able to do research, provide clients with what they need and stay in touch with colleagues just as they would if they were working at home.

In the past, staff working across borders needed to perform an ad hoc cost/benefit analyses each time they wanted to do something on their mobile device that required data. That's no longer the case. Plans now exist that allow your mobile workforce to roam as though they were at home almost anywhere in the world for just a few dollars a day. Some plans even treat the U.S. and Canada as a single territory.

With the right plan, travelling staff will be able to perform necessary tasks more efficiently and with less stress and distraction—and you don't have to worry about a massive data charge at the end of the trip.

Make the most of mobile data

Once you have the right plan in place, encourage your team to make the most of it. Hold a Q&A session to ensure they understand how everything works, including how to take advantage of included plan features, such as enhanced voicemail, visual voicemail and WiFi calling, as well as any related phone services you may have, such as Rogers UnisonTM.

Once your employees are aware of their newfound communication freedom they'll be inspired to put it to full use.

Now that you've got a handle on how your company uses mobile data, you may want to think about how you store the company data that your employees access. Learn more about how the right data storage can make your business more competitive.