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How small business owners can solve three common mobile challenges

Stay connected and reachable with office-phone features right on your mobile device.

Woman talking on her phone wearing a construction hat and holding rolls of paper

Entrepreneurs of every stripe increasingly need flexibility to get the job done anywhere, anytime and on the devices of their choice. For many, this means switching from desktop phones to smartphones.

However, doing so can introduce some communication challenges, especially as their businesses grow.

That’s why more small businesses are adopting a cloud-based mobile communications system that delivers the features of a traditional desktop phone system on a mobile device. This type of solution addresses many of the challenges that can arise from relying on your wireless devices. Here are three typical examples of how a mobile-first communications solution can help small business owners stay connected to customers and colleagues while on the go.

Problem: Mark runs a small marketing firm with a staff of eight, and each team member has his or her own mobile phone number. This makes it confusing and difficult for potential new clients when they’re trying to reach someone at the company.

Solution: A cloud-based feature like hunt groups can route incoming calls from team member to team member until someone picks up; this ensures no call goes unanswered and no one is left languishing on hold.

For Mark, it means he and his employees are always easily reachable by customers, prospects and each other. Some systems can also direct incoming calls to multiple devices simultaneously, so that everyone’s devices ring and any team member who is available can answer the call.

Problem: Contractor JoAnn and her team of tradespeople all work remotely. Trying to field and direct calls while she’s on a job site or in the middle of a consultation can be awkward and inconvenient. It also doesn’t create the professional impression JoAnn would like to give.

Solution: By adopting a cloud-based mobile communications system, JoAnn can take advantage of an automated answering system that acts like a virtual receptionist, efficiently answering and directing calls to the right recipient. This auto-attendant feature helps ensure callers enjoy a professional experience each time they dial the company, and that they always reach someone who can help them.

Problem: Real-estate agent Ari prefers using her mobile phone while on the go, but when she’s in the office, she likes to make and take calls on her computer. She finds it frustrating to hang up and redial each time she needs to transition a call from one device to another.

Solution: Using a cloud-based mobile communications system, Ari can seamlessly transfer calls between her smartphone, computer, laptop and desk phone. No need to start, stop and restart calls—Ari can simply move her conversation from one device to the next and stay connected the entire time. Plus, since she can make and take calls on all her devices using the same phone number, Ari can also set up her devices to ring simultaneously so that she never misses a call.

Whether you’re looking to improve your response rate, streamline your operations or simply stay better connected, a cloud-based mobile communications system can help. Contact your wireless service provider for more information on the options available to you.