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Getting down to business: the Galaxy Note20 5G and Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G.

Samsung launches its fastest phone yet, purpose-built for power users

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G

With the impressive Galaxy Note20 5G and Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G, Samsung is redefining the concept of power in a business smartphone.

Equipped with the Korean company's fastest processor, these phones put the power of business in the palm of your hand: effortlessly tackling as many resource intensive tasks as you can you can throw at them. They've also got intelligent batteries that adjust power expenditure based on your usage habits—and Super Fast Charging technology to ensure you have power when you need it. They’ve also enhanced the S Pen to a lightning-quick responsiveness that comes closer to replicating the pen and paper experience than anything we’ve seen before.

Plus, both the standard and Ultra editions are packed with powerful, business features to help you stay focused and efficient. For example, Link to Windows lets you seamlessly switch between mobile and PC, while Samsung Wireless DeX makes it easy to turn smart TVs into second screens—so you can share ideas or focus on the fine details.

Ready to get down to business with the Galaxy Note20 5G and Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G?

Absolute power

Both the Galaxy Note20 5G and Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G have enormous battery capacity, helping you power through a full day's work. Even better: they learn from your schedule and behavior to automatically optimize app power usage, conserving charge for when it counts. And when it does come time for a top-up, you'll get the power for hours of productivity within just a few minutes of plugging in, keeping you connected and effective.

The perfect pen

If you're looking for a true pen-to-paper feel, the S Pen is the answer. Samsung has refined its famous pen, making it so responsive while jotting down notes and bringing ideas to life through sketches that you might forget you're not using a traditional ink pen. And your writing and drawings can be instantly inserted into Microsoft Word documents and PowerPoint presentations via the upgraded Samsung Notes app.

No speed limits

When crunch time comes, you need a device that keeps pace with you as you work. Thanks to the fastest Galaxy processor yet, the Galaxy Note20 5G and Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G do just that. With all the power of a business PC, you can confidently work with large spreadsheets and presentations, edit images and video on the go, and quickly switch between frequently used apps like email and web browsers—all without worrying about loading or lag time. 

Made for business

The Galaxy Note20 5G and Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G are loaded with built-in power-user features. Samsung DeX, for example, lets you throw your screen onto nearby smart TVs for others to see while allowing you to continue to privately check email and messages on your phone's display. Point to Share, meanwhile, gives you the power to share files with nearby devices with a simple gesture. These and other features are wrapped up in enterprise-grade Samsung Knox security, ensuring the safekeeping of company data.

Space to do more

The Galaxy Note20 5G has a spacious 6.7-inch Infinity-O Display that serves as a broad canvas on which to get more done while on the move. Upgrade to the Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G and you'll be treated to the best Galaxy screen yet: An expansive 6.9-inch 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with twice the refresh rate of the Galaxy Note10+. Better still: it adjusts power usage according to content to conserve charge.


Processor and Memory: Snapdragon 865+ running at 3.09GHz, 2.4GHz, and 1.8GHz (both models) with either 8GB of RAM (Note20 5G) or 12GB of RAM (Note20 Ultra 5G) 

Display: 6.7-inch 2400x1080 Infinity O Super AMOLED Plus (Note20 5G); 6.9-inch 3088x1440 Infinity O Dynamic AMOLED 2X running up to 120Hz (Note20 Ultra 5G)

Battery: 4,300mAh (Note20 5G)/4,500mAh (Note20 Ultra 5G) Intelligent Battery with Wireless PowerShare, Wireless Charging and Super Fast Charging

Network connectivity: 3G, 4G, 5G bands

Security: Ultrasonic fingerprint and 2D face recognition

Rear Camera:

Galaxy Note20 5G:

  • Triple Camera
  • 12 MP 1.4um f/2.2 (Ultra Wide)
  • 12 MP 1.8um F1.8 (Wide)
  • 64MP 0.8um F2.0 (Tele)

Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G:

  • Triple Camera + Laser AF Sensor
  • 12 MP 1.4um f/2.2 (Ultra Wide)
  • 108 MP 0.8um F1.8 (Wide)
  • 12MP 1.0um F3.0 (Tele)

Front Camera: 10MP F2.2, Dual Pixel, AF, UHD Selfie

Internal Storage: 128GB (Note20 5G) up to 512GB (Note20 Ultra 5G)

In the box: Wall travel adapter, data cable, S Pen, pre-installed screen protector

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