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Samsung's Galaxy S20: Canada’s first 5G phones on Canada's first 5G network

Experience lightning fast downloads, ultra-quick charging and exceptional mobile photography with the new flagship Galaxy

Samsung Galaxy S20


The rollout of Rogers 5G networks, starting in several major Canadian cities, heralds the arrival of next generation mobility, and there are no phones better equipped to help you experience this important evolution in technology that will revolutionize what’s possible than the new members of the Samsung Galaxy family, which include the premium Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, Galaxy S20+ 5G, and the Galaxy S20 5G.

Already a high-performing device on the nation’s LTE networks, Samsung's latest phones set you up to enjoy the next generation of possible as it arrives — including compatibility with the 5G network which will have connections everywhere, instant responses and unprecedented speeds. And, you’ll also be ready to take advantage of new 5G-focused business apps as they become available, improving everything from the speed at which staff can work remotely to augmented and virtual customer and employee experiences.

More than that, the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G is packed with innovative and practical hardware features, such as a 108-megapixel high-resolution camera with support for 8K video. And all three phones offer extraordinarily quick charging, drawing a full workday worth of power in just half an hour.

If you need to be on the leading edge of business mobility, then you might just need a Samsung Galaxy S20 5G phone. Pre-order yours now.

The future is 5G

Galaxy S20 5G series phones are among the first 5G-capable devices. As 5G networks evolve, you’ll be able to access the cloud faster than ever before and share work with remote colleagues with the responsiveness that comes from low latency. And as developers create industry-focused 5G business applications, your company will be able to leverage them to transform the way you work.

Still the best screen in the business

All three Galaxy S20 5G models come with a virtually bezel-less Dynamic AMOLED Infinity-O Display that delivers maximum screen real estate for every activity. That means easier reading while browsing emails and messages, more room to multitask apps, and a big, clear picture for Skype calls and streaming video conferences.

Take charge of your recharge

It will always take time to recharge a battery, but it takes less time with a Galaxy S20 5G. Just 30 minutes with an outlet nets a full workday worth of power, thanks to Super Fast Charging technology and an All Day Intelligent Battery. Better still, you can share your leftover juice with a co-worker in need (or your watch or earbuds) with Wireless PowerShare.

Phenomenal photography

The Galaxy S20 5G series takes photography to the next level. Not only does the 108-megapixel camera (S20 Ultra 5G) establish a new bar for phone camera fidelity, it also comes loaded with practical and empowering features, including: Bright Night mode for professional evening shots; one-tap sharing of pictures and videos via Tap Share; and Single Take, which lets you capture a still image, video and GIF with a single tap, ensuring you have all the media you need to create your company's next brand meme.

Pre-order your Samsung S20 here.

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