Virtual Contact Centre Solutions and Services

We handle the technology so you can handle your customers

Eliminate costly call centre infrastructure

Streamline operations and minimize capital costs by virtualizing key infrastructure and hardware into our secure private cloud network. We take care of your contact centre infrastructure so you can focus on handling your customers and driving your business forward. Virtual Contact Centres (VCC) Solutions from Rogers offer powerful and secure performance, reliable uptime and full support 24/7/365 over our dedicated, wholly owned and operated Canada-wide fibre optic network. Get more out of your contact centre with increased agility, better response times and lower maintenance costs.

Alison Caird president of the Crisit Services Canada board Crisis Services Canada is pioneering a national support solution to save lives. Across the nation, regional call centres strive to meet the need for support. We recently spoke with them about what they've done to help solve this problem.

Why Virtual Contact Centre?

Lower total cost of ownership

Pay an affordable monthly fee instead of expensive upfront capital and operating costs, and put the savings towards your core business initiatives. Agents can work from any location in Canada, freeing up valuable real estate.

Agility and Insight

Agents can switch from voice to email as well as chat or social media on the fly to suit customer preferences. Plus, consolidated reporting fuels better insights for more informed decisions.

Scalability and Evolution

Rogers VCC integrates into your existing environment and scales as quickly as you do with no disruption to operations and no need for additional infrastructure investment. Rogers constantly invests in innovative technology ensuring your contact centre keeps up with industry changes.

Security and Quality

Your call centre traffic travels through our private fibre optic network, not the public Internet, giving you security and excellent call quality.

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VCC Functions and Features

Rogers VCC includes all standard contact centre application, management and reporting tools, plus advanced collaboration and process automation capabilities. Features include:

  • Interactive voice response
  • Automatic call distribution
  • Recording
  • Multimedia routing via email, chat and social media
  • Preview dialing
  • Call back
  • Screen-pop integration
  • Reporting suite