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Rogers $100 Bill Credit Contest

We’re giving away $10,000 in bill credits! 

Simply pay your Rogers bill online or through the MyRogers app before December 31, 2016 for your chance to win a $100 bill credit. The best part? Every time you make a payment, you have another chance to win!

Limited Time Offer: Bundle Ignite InternetTM 60u with Starter TV

For new customers

Sign up now for Ignite InternetTM 60u and Starter TV for only $79.99/mo.*

Guaranteed savings of $58/mo. for 12 months.** (Reg. price $138.98/mo. Subject to change.)

Bundle includes:

•  Ignite Internet™ with unlimited usage and download speeds up to 60 Mbps1

• 35+ channels, including network TV Channels + Rogers Anyplace TVTM2

• Wi-Fi Modem and NextBoxTM HD PVR Terminal rental

• No term contract required!

• Offer available until September 30, 2018

1 855 879 6172 Find a Store

Moving? Bundle Ignite Internet 150u with Starter TV for $84.99/mo.*

For: New customers

Get this exclusive offer when you bundle Ignite InternetTM 150u with Starter TV for $84.99/month.*

• Internet speeds of up to 150 Mbps download speeds1 and up to 15 Mbps upload speeds with unlimited usage
• 35+ TV channels
• HD Box and Wi-Fi modem rental included
• No term required

Guaranteed savings of $59.99/mo. for 12 months.**
Regular price $144.98/mo. Subject to change. 

Get 12-months of Netflix on us, with Rogers IgniteTM bundles!

This limited-time bundle offer includes Ignite TVTM + Ignite InternetTM + Ignite Home PhoneTM


Ignite TV, an entertainment experience that puts you in command
12-month Netflix subscription with access to HD content on up to 4 screens at the same time
• Voice Remote – speak and be heard. The Voice Remote allows you to easily search for shows, get recommendations and more.

1 855 233 5895 Find a Store

Buy Online

• Personalize your channel lineup by switching to new ones every 30 days.
• Perfect for homes with 8 or more connected devices
• 200 hours of Cloud PVR Storage 
• Ignite TV box rental
• Rogers Ignite Modem rental

Get more for your team with Rogers IgniteTM for business internet.

For: new and existing customers

Fast download speeds and unlimited business internet help your team do more. Discover the many plans built for your business.

Rogers IgniteTM for business internet for as low as 49.99/mo. on a 2-year term. + on select plans, get Microsoft Office 365 or G Suite by Google Cloud free for one user.1

Get the lowest prices on your favourite print magazines

For: New and existing customers

Enjoy exclusive low prices on print subscriptions to top Canadian magazines like Chatelaine, Maclean’s, Hello! Canada and Today's Parent through Rogers Reader's Advantage. Up to 85% off the cover price.

•  Get titles for as little as $1 a month1
•  Stop and start anytime (you’re never locked in)
•  Conveniently charged to your monthly Rogers bill

Offer for customers with Internet, TV or Home Phone!

For: Customers without a Rogers Wireless plan

Internet, TV or Home Phone customers can save up to $200 on any smartphone when activating a 2-year Wireless plan.

1 888 742-2647

Get $25 in cash back rewards with your first card purchase!

For: New and existing customers

Apply for a RogersTM Platinum MasterCard® and enjoy a welcome bonus of $25 in cash back rewards when you make your first card purchase!

  • Use your cash back rewards towards your Rogers, Fido and chatr monthly bills, purchases in Rogers and Fido branded stores, purchases at The Shopping ChannelTM, subscriptions to TextureTM, Toronto Blue JaysTM tickets, merchandise at Jays ShopTM online or in store, and at Rogers CentreTM concessions.1
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