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Get more out of 4K than ever before

More movies, music videos, festivals and all the same great sporting events at your fingertips in brilliant 4K quality.

With four times the resolution of HD, 4K gives you so much more than ever before to discover.


4K Sports

Watching sports will never be the same! With 4K it’s so real it’s like you’re there!


On 997


On 997

Sportsnet One 4K and Sportsnet 4K (channels 997 and 998), take you closer to the action than ever before. Tune in to watch all 81 Blue Jays home games in 4K this season. View the Blue Jays 4K 2017 broadcast schedule.


On 994


On 995

Catch your favourite teams in stunning Ultra HD with 4K coverage of hockey, basketball and more!


4K Music

Get up close and personal with your favourite artists and festival events.


On 986

Stingray Festival 4K is the only fully 4K specialty television channel to deliver music like it’s never been heard — or seen — before! Tune in to a cutting-edge celebration of arts and music.


On 987

The best way to enjoy music is through video. That’s why XITE delivers an incredible 4K music video experience showcasing the most popular music videos 24/7.


4K Movies

On 993

The ultimate destination for 4K Movies 24/7.Catch the best movies and re-mastered classics the way they were meant to be seen; in brilliant 4K resolution.


4K Entertainment

On 992

Get front row seats to the next big event and latest movies with 4K Entertainment. Order with your remote on Channel 992.

Record, watch and replay on your NextBox 4K PVR

Record and store all the shows you love — including your favourite sporting events in 4K — and watch them whenever you want.

Catch every minute of the action in stunning 4K detail. Plus, start watching a show in one room and finish it in another with Whole Home PVR.1 NextBoxTM 4K PVR let’s you do all of that, and more:

  • Record up to 8 programs at one time.
  • Store up to 90 hours of 4K content, or up to 240 hours of HD.2
  • Catch the game live or record it with dedicated 4K sports channels.

Ready for the Rogers 4K Experience? Give us a call at 1 855 213-0836 to schedule your installation or visit select Rogers stores for a 4K demo.

Get in on 4K


Here's what you'll need to get the most out of 4K:

  • NextBox 4K or NextBox 4K PVR
  • Rogers 4K TV pack
  • 4K-ready TV

Your 4K TV pack add-on is free for 12 months upon activation and $10 per month thereafter. Subject to change.*

Want 4K TV?

Give us a call at
1 855 213-0836 to schedule your installation or visit select Rogers stores.

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