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Why choose Upfront Edge?

Save big on the newest phones.Lowest upfront price

There’s no need to wait to save big on the newest phones. Now, with Upfront Edge, you can always get the latest phones at the lowest upfront price – any time.

Upfront edge offers simplicity and choiceSimplicity and choice

Simply give your phone back within two years and you can upgrade again to the newest phone. Or, keep your phone and simply pay off the original Upfront Edge amount. The choice is yours!

How Upfront Edge works

Upfront Edge lets you get a new phone for a lower upfront price on a 2-year Share EverythingTM plan on an Ultra tab or Premium+ tab when you visit a Rogers store!* Just take a look at how you can benefit when you upgrade or sign up with Rogers today.

See pricing for eligible phones

iPhone XS 64 GB

With Upfront Edge

Upfront Edge savings

Now pay

(Plus applicable taxes)*
At the end of your term, return the phone to a Rogers store, or keep your phone and repay the Upfront Edge savings.

Without Upfront Edge

Now pay

(Plus applicable taxes)*
At the end of your 2-year term, you keep your phone.
The prices, Upfront Edge savings, and plan information shown above are up-to-date as of April 12, 2019. These values are subject to change.

Protect your phone

Add a Device Protection plan from Rogers and get peace of mind from knowing that your phone is protected. Repairs and replacements through Premium Device ProtectionTM and repairs for Device Protection LiteTM will be honoured under Upfront Edge.

Learn more >

Interested in Upfront Edge for your business?

Learn more >


You have 2 options. You can either return your phone in good working condition to a Rogers store in the final month of your 2-year term (month 24) or keep it and repay your Upfront Edge amount.

If you want to keep your phone at the end of your 2-year term, the Upfront Edge amount will be charged to your next bill.

You can find the start and end dates for your term in your Wireless Service Agreement.

This means that your phone must power up to the home screen, accept a charge, and have the ability to perform a factory reset. The screen must function and cannot have any dark spots, blemishes or broken and/or cracked glass. All accounts and passwords must be removed and/or turned off (IE: Find My iPhone, Google, Find My Mobile, and firmware passwords).

We will not be able to accept a phone that does not meet these requirements or that has been reported lost or stolen. If your phone is not accepted, you will need to repay the Upfront Edge amount.

If you’re enrolled in Premium Device ProtectionTM , you are eligible to have your phone repaired or replaced through that program (loss and theft are not protected in Québec). If you’re enrolled in Device Protection LiteTM , you are eligible to have your phone repaired.

If you’re enrolled in AppleCare+, you are eligible to have your phone repaired or replaced for accidental out-of-warranty damage. Visit our Device Protection plans page for more information about each of these programs and their terms and conditions. Repaired or replacement phones from these programs will be accepted as part of the Upfront Edge program.

Otherwise, you will need to pay back the Upfront Edge amount at the end of your 2-year term (or, if applicable, when you upgrade your phone).