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Threat Management

A holistic approach to cyber threat management

Cybersecurity is a growing concern for every business. Imposters are deploying increasingly sophisticated threats to steal your data, threaten your privacy and compromise your company’s most valuable assets. Keeping your business safe and secure at all times is not easy, but absolutely necessary. Like everything in business, it requires the right tools and dedicated technical expertise.

Rogers Threat Management helps keep your business safe by defending against even the most advanced and targeted threats, such as a breach of customer and payment card data, with real-time detection and protection. More than a threat-management toolkit, our approach to Unified Threat Management includes operational insight and overall risk mitigation.

It’s a holistic approach to network security — so you can go back to building your business, knowing everything is safe and secure.

Exceptional Threat Managment

Smart Security


Get the best in cybersecurity with our unique combination of threat-management tools and services, plus the most-recent global data feeds on potential threats and exclusive findings from our breach and forensics experts in security event investigation.

Intrusion prevention and detection


The earlier the detection, the greater the chance of stopping an attack before data loss occurs. Rogers Threat Management ensures real-time data protection for all your assets, plus expert analysis from our 24x7 Security Operation Centres. Bottom line: if there’s an emerging threat, we’ll know about it sooner and with more accuracy.

Proactive internet protection


The most effective way to protect against cybercrime, malware and other attacks is to anticipate an attack before it happens. Our holistic approach to intrusion prevention and detection ties together all networks, applications, databases and other vulnerable areas, all at once.

Threat mitigation

Our Security Operations Centres allow for fast, proactive reactions against threats, with real-time security monitoring from our specialists, who are ready to respond at all times.

Rogers threat management services

  • SIEM proactively notifies you of threats and compliance risks. It’s about keeping your company safe, so you can focus on tasks that drive your business’ success.

  • Backed by Trustwave SpiderLabs® threat intelligence, we’re able to proactively monitor all forms of threats, and can examine traffic passing through your network, with visibility and active protection throughout your network.

  • Protect your network against threats with our comprehensive set of integrated network-security technologies. From rogue device detection to internal vulnerability scanning, we’ve got your business covered.

  • Rogers Threat Management aggregates and incorporates data from multiple sources, with automated detection and notification of evolving threats. Comprehensive and complete, it improves the way you monitor your environment — with more insight and higher scrutiny.

  • Distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks can disrupt your services and leave your business vulnerable. Our DDoS protection is designed to mitigate or stop these volumetric attacks before they break into your network, without interrupting critical traffic by shutting your service down. Hosted at three locations across Canada, these network-based protection systems offer high capacity, carrier-class performance to ensure your business stays connected, available and secure.

Protect what matters most

Custom security

Running a business is hard enough without having to worry about your security. With Rogers, you can concentrate on growing your company, knowing that we’re providing best-in-class application security, data loss prevention services and more. We know that all businesses are different; that's why our services are flexible and created to deliver what you need.


Beyond the basics

Our approach to threat management expands well beyond the norm. Our expertise in security services provides threat correlation and analysis, holistic application security, advanced anti-malware tools, end point protection, file integrity monitoring and more. We deliver, monitor and manage our own technologies, making sure we’re up to date on all third-party products, as well as widely used technologies, so you don’t have to be.


Threat intelligence

You’ll be able to better understand, detect and prevent security breaches with our dedicated technical expertise. We constantly feed the latest threat intelligence information into all our services, ensuring that our customers are fully protected against all threats.


Always-on security

Our Security Operation Centres provide immediate responses to all security incidents, 24-7.