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Three ways to simplify your company’s telecommunications

Agility - Jan. 22, 2018

Three ways to simplify your company’s telecommunications

Here are three ways to eliminate time-wasting tasks, streamline your processes, and reduce your costs – while achieving a higher level of service.

If you manage your company’s wireless plans, you may struggle with the following challenges:

- Too many systems and services

- High wireless and roaming costs

- The shortage of time and resources to manage your telecommunications plans

- Lack of insights into your employees, such as how they like to communicate and their wireless data usage

With all of these challenges, it’s not surprising that many telecom administrators are overwhelmed.

But luckily, there are things you can do to make your life easier. Here are three ways you can simplify your telecommunications while providing your business with better service:

1. Automate your telecom expense management (TEM).

It can be challenging to track your telecom expenses – especially if you receive hundreds of bills per month across different departments and offices.

Many enterprises rely on manual processes, such as entering data into spreadsheets. However, these methods are slow and prone to errors.

Automating your TEM simplifies your management while giving you greater insights into your telecom services. For example, you can obtain a clear picture of how much data each employee uses. Then, you match employees with the best wireless plan. This helps you save money and reduce your management tasks while you improve your enterprise’s communications.

2. Choose a flexible wireless plan.

When travel and usage patterns vary, you can have trouble picking the correct wireless package for each employee.

Flexible wireless plans ensure that every employee has the right amount of data at the best rates. Their fees flex up and down in fixed tiers, depending on the amount of data, SMS, and voice minutes that each employee uses.

These plans can help you bring high wireless data costs under control. For example, you can look for a roaming option that only charges you when an employee travels and then automatically applies their preferred rates. When the employee returns, the plan will automatically turn off the roaming charges. This type of plan also eliminates your need to manually apply and remove roaming packs whenever someone travels – which could save you countless hours each year.

3. Roam freely.

Data overage fees can add up to thousands of dollars per month.

But you don’t need to let your costs get out of control.

Choose a wireless plan that automatically covers employees at transparent rates when they roam.

For example, you can look for a package that charges a flat daily rate when employees travel in the U.S. or other destinations. Or, you can add an individual roaming option to all of your employees’ plans, so they’re always covered and ready to travel.

With either option, it is important to find plans that only charge when someone roams. This way you enjoy predictable data costs while empowering employees to conduct business at any time and from any location.

You can also pool employees who use similar amounts of data into a shared roaming option. These plans are helpful if your company has consistent overall roaming but usage varies. When employees share data, text, and voice minutes, you won’t need to monitor their individual usage.

Next Steps

Think about your day-to-day telecom tasks:

Do you have any areas where you want to eliminate steps, streamline your systems, or reduce your costs?

If so, give some of the above-mentioned tips a try. You can also speak with your telecom provider to discover how they can help you achieve your goals. Ask if they have a plan that better meets your needs.

About the Author

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