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5 Ways to Improve Your Remote Team's Productivity

Collaboration - Nov. 18, 2016

It’s a fact that more people than ever before are telecommuting. Remote work is being enabled by technologies such as Rogers Unison that are driving anywhere connectivity in the enterprise. But working with and managing remote teams is a very different task for leaders than managing a group of people collaborating together in an office environment, and it’s not simply overcoming the challenges of connecting everyone.

Any manager preparing to lead a remote team should read this article on Entrepreneur, which offers 5 Ways to Improve Your Remote Team’s Productivity. It includes practical advice, such as how to foster a bond between your team members (even when they could be connecting over great physical distances) by using enterprise collaboration tools such as instant messaging apps, and limiting the time the team spends on each task. It would seem deadlines are not only an effective tool at the office!

On the practical side, it’s always going to be important to respect different time zones. That may limit your group to very specific hours in which everyone is available, but there are online tools that can assist in keeping track of everyone’s’ hours.

How do you manage your remote teams?