Help control and secure your home from anywhere with the Smart Home Monitoring app

Smart Home Monitoring App

Where the convenience of home automation meets security in your hand. If you’ve chosen one of our Professional Monitoring packages, it’s now easier to control and secure your home from anywhere. Receive notifications when the kids get back from school or when that package arrives – and keep an eye on all the action with live video feeds.

The app at a glance

Control and secure your home from anywhere

Keep an eye on things with Live Video Streaming

Set rules and create scenes to automate your life

See the app in action

Create automations to control how your smart devices work together

Personalized rules

Set up rules to automate your lights, door locks, security system and more.

For example, “When the water leak sensor detects a leak, notify me immediately.”

Create scenes to control multiple devices at the same time

Introducing Scenes

Group multiple devices together and control them with one tap. Try built-in scenes like Good Morning and Good Night or create your own in a few simple steps.

For example, tap Good Night to turn off all the lights, arm the alarm system, and lock all the doors.

Travel contentedly with the Smart Home Monitoring app

Peace of mind, wherever you are

Whether you’re at the office or surfside, you can control your locks, lights, alarms, cameras and sensors with one easy-to-use yet powerful app.

For example, arm your system and watch live video of your property anytime, from anywhere.

Additional Features

Set emergency contacts with the Smart Home Monitoring app

Set emergency contacts

When an alarm is triggered, all emergency contacts will be notified immediately. You'll be updated as we assess, monitor and act on the threat.

Allow push notifications with the Smart Home Monitoring app

Push notifications

Receive a notification when someone logs in to the app from a new device.


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