You can customize your package with professional home monitoring equipment

Professional Monitoring Hardware

Customize your Professional Monitoring package with additional hardware.

Available Hardware

Browse available hardware to customize your Professional Monitoring solution.

Safety Sensors

Smoke & Fire Sensor

Help protect your family in the case of fire

Water Leak Sensor

Help protect your property from water damage


Day/Night Camera

Check in on your home from anywhere

Door/Window Sensor

Be alerted when doors or windows are opened in your home

Motion Sensor

Monitor motion in rooms or hallways throughout your home

Weiser Door Lock

Applicable hardware and/or installation costs apply

Weiser Door Lock

Applicable hardware and/or installation costs apply.


Arm/Disarm with your access code from any entry point in your home

Energy Management

In-Wall Switch

Turn off all the lights your kids left on.

In-Wall Dimmer

Customize the brightness level in the room.

In-Wall Auxiliary Switch

Expand control of your lighting

LED Light Bulb

Brighten any room with this energy efficient solution.

Leviton Lamp Dimmer

Customize the brightness of the light in your home.

Small Appliance Module

Remotely control small appliances like coffee makers.

Zen Smart Thermostat

Remotely view and adjust your home's temperature



Manage and monitor your system. Rental included with new plan activations for Security packages

Interested in adding Hardware to your Professional Monitoring package?

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