Ignite Home Phone can be activated with Ignite Bundles

Ignite Home Phone

Stay connected at home

Add Ignite Home Phone to any bundle with Ignite Internet and Ignite TV to stay connected with one convenient number for the whole family.

Why choose Ignite Home Phone?

Peace of mind for the whole family

Ignite Home Phone provides another way to access operator and emergency services, who can track your exact location from your home phone.

One convenient household number

Keep your home number and enjoy a central landline for all household members and activities.

On-the-go access to home phone activity

Stay in the know with features like call forwarding and Home & Away Voicemail, which sends messages by text or email.

The Plan

Ignite Home Phone

Add it to an Ignite Bundle for

A convenient number for the whole family with unlimited local calling plus 7 popular features

Included Features

Unlimited Local Calling

  • Stay in touch affordably with unlimited local calling

Home & Away Voicemail

  • No need to dial in! Access voicemails online or receive via email or text

Online Manager

  • Manage your privacy and contact settings with Home & Away Online Manager

Call Display

  • See who’s calling based on number and, if available, name

Unlimited Canada-Wide Long Distance

Chat with friends and family across the country, worry-free, with unlimited Canadian long distance calling.1

International Plus Long Distance

Unlimited Canada and U.S. calling, plus 930 international minutes for our top 10 destinations and preferred long distance rates for other destinations.2

Other add-ons

Outgoing Call Display Blocking

Your name and number will never be displayed to the people you call. Instead, you’ll appear as “Private.”3

Long Distance Lock

Use this feature to prevent outgoing long distance calls from your home phone. It’s an easy way to help control costs!

Pay Per Use

Call Display Blocking

(*67) Automatically prevent your name and number from being displayed on outgoing calls.3

Call Trace

(*57) Trace unwanted incoming calls. Details of each trace are retained for authorities’ use upon request.

Directory Assistance

Dial 411 to access an operator to find a number of someone you want to reach. Call completion not available.


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