Rogers Ignite Internet

Rogers home internet service in Moncton

Find our fastest and most reliable internet plans in Moncton.

Get more from your fibre-powered home internet in Moncton

Fibre-powered network

Fibre-powered network

That delivers our fastest† and most reliable internet

The ultimate WiFi experience

The ultimate WiFi experience

with the most powerful WiFi technology2 for superior home WiFi coverage and speed, backed by our Ignite WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee, only with Rogers.

Most advanced security

The most advanced WiFi security

for worry-free protection of all connected devices. Learn more

Get the best WiFi experience

Rogers offers easy installation using the Ignite WiFi app, powerful WiFi Gateways, optional WiFi-extending pods, WiFi Health Check tools and 24/7 expert help via the Ignite HomeConnect app, live chat or phone support to provide optimal WiFi performance.

Lightning-fast home internet plans

Rogers offers lightning-fast fibre-powered home internet plans with download speeds up to 1 or 1.5 Gigabits per second, suitable for connecting 16+ devices simultaneously. Our equipment features the latest WiFi technology.

Connect in every room

Whether you’re working or streaming, enjoy our most reliable fibre-powered internet, backed by our WiFi Satisfaction Guarantee.

Work, stream and game in the fast lane

Rogers Ignite Internet packages offer more than enough download and upload speed for smooth streaming, video calling, gaming and more. Different activities require different speeds per device, and we provide speeds to accommodate these activities.