Blue Jays game in jampacked arena

The ultimate sports experience!

The fully integrated SportsApp on Ignite TVTM is like your own personal scoreboard and front-row seats.

SportsApp showing stats of TorontMaple Leafs on Ignite TV

SportsApp puts the ball in your court!

Set your favourite teams and leagues, pull up games and stats with your voice, record games without missing overtime or watch them live while tracking scores – all on your TV.

Family watching hockey game using Voice Remote

Get into the game – in seconds

Never stress about which channel the game is on! With Ignite TV’s All-in-one Search, you can use one simple voice search to pull up sports results from different channels and apps. Use Voice Remote to pull up a game that’s starting – “Tonight’s NFL game,” or “Show me the Leafs” – or to find scores and stats for your favourite league – “This season’s Montreal Canadiens stats.” It’s that easy.

Family enjoying recorded game on Cloud PVR

Never miss a moment

With Cloud PVR, your recorded games won’t cut off before overtime! Plus, with the Restart feature, never worry about missing the first few periods. Game on!

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