Rogers is the premier communications provider for new high-rise and mid-rise buildings

Even more value for your new home buyers

Rogers equips newly constructed high-rise and mid-rise buildings with industry-leading telecommunications systems.

About new construction high-rise building services from Rogers Major Accounts

When you choose Rogers as your communications provider, you get the peace of mind that comes with dealing with an industry leader. Rogers is the easy and affordable solution that delivers excellent value to you and your future home buyers. 

Top 3 reasons why builders choose Rogers:

  • Rogers has a legacy of innovation in the development and implementation of advanced networks and connectivity solutions. This makes us an ideal partner to help realize the opportunities your new development presents for connected home services.
  • We will design an enhanced, customized network and service offering that will provide value to you and your buyers. This includes, bringing dedicated fibre into the main telecommunications room and run individual fibres to each suite. Pre-wiring one (1) outlet in each suite which results in a wireless zone with our state-of-the-art, wall-to-wall WiFi coverage. All standard material and labour costs will be absorbed by Rogers.
  • We will offer premier marketing tools for your new development, including equipping your sales centre with promotional materials and demos to showcase our services and equipment. 

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