Now get your phone, your way

Introducing an even more flexible way to finance a new phone. Lower your monthly payments by up to 50% over 48 months4 when you finance your phone with a Rogers credit card. No interest, no mobile term contract needed.

Financing with a Rogers credit card

Rogers Mastercard Cardholder Benefits

  • 3% cash back value when you redeem with Rogers. Exclusively for Rogers customers

  • Welcome bonus of 10% cash back for the first 3 months up to $100

  • 5 Roam Like Home days at no cost every year for Rogers mobile plans (up to $75 value)

2 Year Device Financing


Choose from phones, tablets, smartwatches and more at $0 down and 0% interest. Plus, pay no taxes upfront.


Pay off your balance in equal monthly payments over 24 months – with the option to make a down payment upfront or a prepayment whenever you want during your term!4


Your monthly device payments are shown clearly in your bill. When your financing term ends, your device payments drop off.


Rogers is your one-stop destination for financing phones and connected devices for your entire household.

Financing with a Rogers mobile plan

Finance the mobile device you want over 24 months. Here’s how:

  1. Choose any smartphone, tablet or smartwatch for $0 down, 0% interest with financing on a 5G Mobile plan. Or, choose a Rogers Infinite plan and get even more savings towards your phone.
  2. Pay off your devices in equal monthly payments (and their applicable taxes) over your 24-month term. You can also make lump-sum payments any time!

Enhance your financing experience

Save even more with these plan and device options

Upfront Edge financing

Get the lowest monthly price on the latest phones with Upfront Edge financing

Sign up for Automatic Payments

Avoid late fees and get your bill automatically paid every month at the same time. Don’t worry, you’ll get a notification to review your bill before every payment. Plus, get an additional $5 off your monthly bill!

Device Protection

Get peace of mind from knowing that your phone will be protected. Sign up today and get your first broken screen repair on us!


Check our FAQ page for more info about financing