Save & Return

Pay less for your phone when you agree to return it within your 2-year term.

Here's how it works:


Choose a phone

Choose one of the available phones, get it with financing for $0 down and 0% interest, and enjoy up to $570 credit toward the total device cost1


Return or keep it

Return your phone within 2 years and upgrade to the newest phone or keep it and pay the Save & Return amount. The choice is yours!

Compare Phone Prices

See how much lower your monthly payments will be with Save & Return!

The prices, Save & Return amount, tax, and plan information shown above, are just examples only. Taxes vary depending on province. 

Compare Phone Prices

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Get any device for $0 down, 0% interest, and pay no taxes upfront.

Sign up for Automatic Payments to make billing even easier!

Peace of Mind

With Automatic Payments, your bill is automatically paid every month on the same day.

No more late payment charges

Your bills will always be paid on time - so you never have to worry about incurring late payment charges.

You're in the know

Every month before your Automatic Payment withdrawal date, you'll receive a "Your Bill is Ready" notification to review your bill.

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Protect your phone

Add a device protection plan and get peace of mind knowing that your phone is protected during your 2-year Save & Return term. Repaired and replacement devices through Device Protection are honoured under Save & Return.


Check our FAQ page for more info about Save & Return