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A team of coworkers leverages Business Fibre Internet during a video conference call.

Business Fibre Internet

Fibre optic internet is designed to grow along with your business

Why do businesses need Business Fibre Internet?

To meet your customers’ ever-growing needs, your team needs to be able to communicate quickly, over a fast network and with confidence in knowing that your internet access is reliable, private, and scalable.

Businesses need reliable connectivity, powerful performance and the capacity to be nimble enough to stay competitive and to support future growth.

Fibre optic internet delivers exactly that, and provides the vital communications foundation that helps your business excel, both now and in the future.

Your business will thrive with:

Reliable uptime

Downtime means lost business. Never miss a revenue-generating opportunity and facilitate collaboration that drives innovation and keeps team members working together, wherever they happen to be. Our core fibre network has multiple redundancies, and in rare instances of accidents or poor weather, we initiate repairs in a timely fashion.

Powerful performance

Every business has a need for speed. When it comes to connectivity, your internet service must deliver faster downloads and uploads, smoother video conferencing and more rapid searches. Rogers offers connection speeds of up to 10 Gbps and links your business to a growing network of approximately 10 million subscribers.

Flexibility for the future

Business needs to harness network performance where and when it’s required. Rogers multi-service switch feature lets you increase bandwidth and quickly add new digital services, like cloud-based applications, whenever you need them—without any major investment.

Private Networking Solutions

Rogers Private Networking Solutions provides dedicated communication connections and top performance for voice, video and data throughout your business.

If security, dependability and reliability in connectivity are critical for your business, then private networks are the solution.

We offer private connections through our fibre, wireless and cable services. And these allow you to build a highly available, high-performance, redundant and secure communication infrastructure essential to your business success.


How Private Networking Solutions can help your business:

Reliable Uptime

A private network, unlike public communications services, is used only by your business, and that means predictable and reliable connectivity. When maximum uptime and reliable connections are essential, private networks are the way to go.

Powerful performance

Nothing gets in the way of speed and performance with a private network. Business Fibre Internet offers options ranging from 2 Mbps to 100 Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth.

Flexibility for the future

Turn on new services and increase bandwidth whenever you need it—with no service visits or new hardware required. Rogers Private Networking Solutions makes the adoption of new technologies easy.

SIP trunking, simplified

Adopt sophisticated IP voice communications without disrupting your business

SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking offers a way to build telephone line connections from a Private Branch Exchange using the internet as a network rather than limited and outdated PSTNs (Public Switched Telephone Networks), which are both expensive and inflexible.

SIP Trunking can offer significant cost savings through lower call charges by eliminating expensive PSTN lines.

Plus, it’s flexible, so you can quickly and easily add additional lines and phone numbers, and build only what you need when you need it.

What can the all-in-one SIP bundle from Rogers do for your business?


Add the voice capacity you need now and eliminate the need for technician visits with an on-site multi-service switch.


Bypass internet congestion and get reliable, secure and high-quality voice access using our private fibre optic network. We stand behind the quality of our service.

Cost savings

Cut the cost of older systems and eliminate the need to maintain separate voice and data services, long distance charges and multiple phone lines. No additional hardware is required and there are no hidden costs.