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Rogers Unison

Canada’s only truly flexible and comprehensive business communications system.1

Unison Overview Video

Make communication easier, from anywhere

As a business owner, you work in many different locations—so you need the right tools to stay connected to your business from anywhere.

Rogers Unison is a truly mobile business phone system designed to help you answer customer calls from anywhere, on the device you choose: a smartphone, desk phone and even a laptop or tablet.

Rogers Unison gives you the best features of a traditional business phone system in a truly flexible solution. Work when and where you want and stop paying for unused landlines.

Book an in-store demo and see how you can stay connected to your business by turning your mobile phone into a business phone system.

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Professionally greet your customers and direct their calls to the right destination with a fully automated answering system. Auto Attendant provides a higher-level customer experience.

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Make sure your customers can always reach you. Hunt Groups let you route incoming client calls between team members until they’re answered, so your customers are never left on hold. And every call is answered by someone on your team.

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Dual Persona lets you assign more than one phone number to a single line. You can also keep an existing local line number and add it to your other devices.

Consolidating lines eliminates the need for customers to remember new numbers and for you to update business cards and directory listings.

You can also choose new numbers from different regions so you look like a local as your business expands its geographic reach.

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Move a call seamlessly between devices. If someone is in the middle of a phone conversation and needs to leave the office, or has just arrived and wants to switch devices, Call Pull keeps them connected as they change devices.

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Instead of relying on a bulky desktop phone, the Receptionist Console lets receptionists manage calls directly from a computer screen. The console also shows the call status of other employees, regardless of the device they are using. That means the receptionist can see if someone is on a call using the mobile, a desktop phone, or a softphone.

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Voicemail to Email instantly sends you audio files of messages others have left you. That means you can respond to clients or colleagues immediately, even when you’re not available to speak with them directly.

Your customers can always be sure to reach you or someone from your team when they need to. Simultaneous Ring directs calls to multiple devices at the same time.

With a computer, tablet or desk phone, Call Transfer allows employees to seamlessly transfer calls to another person, department or Hunt Group.

You and your employees can make and receive calls on laptops, IP phones, desktop computers and tablets using your primary wireless numbers. You can also have incoming calls ring all devices simultaneously.

Rogers Unison is only phone system that leverages your Rogers mobile devices. That means you can eliminate the cost of fixed lines while keeping the powerful phone system functionality you rely on.

With multiple employees, you need the best tools to help them be productive and to provide the best customer experience. With Rogers Unison you can arm your employees with devices that meet their needs: IP Phones, mobile phones, softphones for desktop computers or tablets, and connect analog equipment.

Choose the fully mobile solution that suits your business.

Starting from $15/month

When you add Rogers Unison to an eligible corporate wireless plan.


  • You need an eligible voice and data or Wireless Business Phone subscription.
  • Any smartphone or feature phone works with Rogers Unison for calling purposes. You can use the Rogers Unison web portal on any smartphone’s browser to manage your service.
  • The following services will not work if you subscribe to Rogers Unison:
    • Rogers One NumberTM
    • UMA - Wi-Fi Calling
    • Wireless Priority Services
    • Data blocking
    • Ringback tunes
    • Advanced Call Manager
    • Teletypewriter
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