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A woman taking advantage of Rogers wireless network coverage while using a phone and laptop.

Rogers wireless
network coverage

Powering more possibilities for Canadian businesses every day

We know how important it is to stay in touch with customers and suppliers, wherever your business takes you. You need a wireless network that you can rely on to keep you connected.
At Rogers, we believe in providing businesses with a network experience that empowers them to make more possible. We’re continuously investing to deliver that experience.
Today, you can enjoy a wireless network that covers 97% of Canadians and offers Extended Coverage to give you the confidence to stay connected in even more places across Canada. Tomorrow, you’ll enjoy endless possibilities as we embark on the world of 5G.
Learn more about how the Rogers network keeps you covered.

Extended Coverage means your employees can use their wireless devices for talk, text or data from rural and remote regions at no extra charge.

  • Talk and text will work automatically in Extended Coverage areas.
  • To access data, simply activate “Data Roaming” on your phone. Any data you use counts as data under your monthly plan – there is no additional fee.

Extended Coverage FAQs

Wi-Fi calling lets you stay connected even in areas where network coverage is limited, such as basements or very tall buildings. You can call and text anywhere with a Wi-Fi connection. Just turn on the Wi-Fi Calling feature on your phone.

  • There is no additional fee for Wi-Fi calling.
  • You’ll need a Rogers Business LTE-enabled wireless plan.

Find out if you’re covered