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A man in a business suit using a phone to access data while travelling on a train.

Business Travel & Roaming

Make travel and roaming simple. Keep your business connected so you can roam like home.

A man using a tablet to conduct a video call using mobile data.

When your mobile workforce travels in the U.S. or abroad, you don’t want to worry about unexpected business roaming charges. Nor do you want to add a roaming option every time someone leaves the country.

With business roaming options from Rogers, you can eliminate many cost concerns and administrative headaches. Simplify plan management and track and manage costs, while allowing your people to work wherever and however they need to.

What country are you traveling to?

    On a RogersTM Global Business Share Plan?


    Use your phone just like you do in Canada: enjoy Roam Like Home at $/day.

    Don’t have a RogersTM Global Business Share Plan or the destination isn’t included under Roam Like Home?


    We’ve still got you covered with the following travel packs.


    Travel packs don’t fit your needs, or aren’t available* for your destination?  See Pay-Per-Use rates below.

    Voice $ per min
    SMS $/SMS
    Data $ per MB

    Tips and Tricks For Travelling with your Smartphone


    • Disable auto-play of videos on social media apps by changing the app settings.
    • Connect to Wi-Fi for activities that use a lot of data, such as streaming videos, downloading apps or checking maps.
    • Consider downloading a VPN app if you’re concerned about public Wi-Fi security.
    • Limit use of location services. Some apps use your current location to help make them more convenient, but turning off location services will save you data.
    • Fully close your apps when you're not using them and turn off app push notifications.
    • Turn off push email notifications so your device is not constantly looking for emails to download.
    • To prevent roaming charges completely when travelling, put your phone on Airplane or Flight mode. If you still want your device available for calls or texts, turn off data roaming.
    • Monitor and manage your wireless data usage by using the MyRogers app on your smartphone.
    • Make sure you have a screen lock in place in case your phone is stolen. You can also install apps that will track your phone if it is stolen or lost.
    • Turn off Auto Synch, which checks for app updates.
    • Use a solid case for your phone. You’ll be on the move a lot and should protect your device.
    • Back up your data before you leave on your trip in case your device gets damaged or stolen.
    • If you’re travelling to a country where you don’t know the language, download a good translation app before you leave. You can also download apps that calculate currency conversions.
    • Download useful travel apps that can help you sightsee or find and book local restaurants.
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